Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Family. The Church

Sometimes family members do strange things.  Not mine, my entire family is perfect.  ;)  But I imagine that some of you may know what I'm talking about.  But have you ever heard someone say, "YOU can't pick on my family, only I can do that"?  While that's pretty much hypocritical, the point is this: "Don't mess with my family.  I don't care if what you say about them is even true.  I will take you down if you talk badly about my family."  (at least I'll want to) 
If you believe Jesus is the Son of God, then the Church is your family!  Sometimes I look at people in my own church, or at some church down the street, or this preacher on TV, or that preacher on TV and I think, "Whoa, that's weird."  or "That's not right."  But, I was recently challenged by a message by Steve Brown.   He says that while "we need to have an orthodoxy of truth, we also need to have an orthodoxy of love!"  While we may disagree with some of what other people in the Church are saying, they are our brothers in Christ, and they are our sisters in Christ and we need to LOVE them!  Is your theology perfect?  Mine's not.  So I think I'm going to stop throwing rocks.
Check out the message: Click Here.  I didn't think it was life changing, until I realized I couldn't stop thinking about it.  :)
I love you all, regardless of what you believe.


Mayra said...

Aaron, I just wanted to tell ya that your music inspires. It alwayz helps me praise God during my quiet times and i wanna thank you for that! I'm anxiously awating your next


Tim H said...

Hey Aaron, I guess I can agree with that. The Church is definitely our family and we should love it unconditionally, however sometimes that is the most difficult thing to do. I guess what others say shouldn’t matter to us as much as what they do. Actions no doubt speak louder than words, unfortunately sometimes there is a lot of say so and no action to go along with it.
What better way to teach the Gospel but to live it into the lives of others.
Be Blessed, when are you coming back to FL? Saw you at Cypress Gardens last year, great day just toooo hot.



Bill said...

I agree with you. If you are with friends or people you love, I think it's easier to practice the orthodoxy of love. However, it's tough to practice that if there's things like church politics in the way.

My recent church relocation was a good example of that. Making a long story short, I still credit my former church as a place where I developed as a minister of God. But, when I decided I had enough being in the middle of church politics struggle with some people in my former church, those people my parents had conflict with now considered me as an outcast. That, in my opinion, is not right. It's not right in a few regards, actually.

Their faults-

1. Struggle over control- the church should work together as one body. Church is not a place for soap operas.

2. Love- considering me as an outcast is not right. Besides, they are the ones who caused the controversies in the first place, which led to what I did.

My faults-

1. Getting pissed off so quickly- I should have been a little bit more understanding, since the rector was only a month into his job when that happened. (But, it might not have mattered because he had been doing stuff his way since day 1)

2. Not being honest until the very end- the environment forced my hand a bit, but I still should have been honest from the beginning. Deceiving my fellow brothers and sisters is not right.

We are definitely not perfect. I think this is a method to the madness when God made us. He wants us to learn from one another. Meanwhile, our surrounding environments (even in our churches) will tempt us to go away from us pursuing the orthodoxy of love

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