Friday, February 22, 2008

"God Has Come To Earth"

Christmas messages in February!?  Yes. Before I released "Silent Night" for free download last December, I had been working on recording a different song.  There was a Christmas chorus I'd written a few years earlier for which I couldn't, for the life of me, come up with suitable verses.   

One morning (12/10/06) I was doing some reading and came across an old Christmas Carol by Martin Luther in the 1520's called "All Praise To Thee, Eternal Lord."  I thought the words were dynamic and after composing a melody for them and playing it few times on the piano, I remembered that chorus I had written that didn't have a home.  The two became one and I played it that evening at a Christmas party for some dear friends who had been supporting me throughout the years.  Nine months later we hit the studio to record the new song: "God Has Come To Earth", but by the deadline, I wasn't satisfied with the progress.  In a desperate move, I benched the project (unknowingly without going through proper channels) and we hurriedly recorded what I think is a beautiful version of Silent Night.

So now, my record label, rightly so, wanted me to finish the song, and finish it early.  So here we are Feb 22nd, and we're just about finished with my next free Christmas download which won't be available until November 2008!  I'm pretty excited about it though: I think it's a great message with a good Christmas-y feel (chimes, bells, sleighs and a piano part that sounds like snowfall.)  I can't wait. 

And don't worry.  I'll remind you.  ;)

ps. excuse the 'lower-case G' in the photo.  we'll fix it. 


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I've been waiting for a new album from you. I can't wait till November rolls around. I hope you come back to Houston. It was great seeing you on tour with Michael W. Smith!


Aaron Shust said...

well. it will just be one song. every year I hand out 1 free Christmas song.'s Christmas! of course it's free! thanks Mayra.

Heather said...

Yay!!!! The song will probably be awesome if you spent so much time on it! I am so excited now and I can't wait! Thank you!


Laura E said...

I love that we get a free song from you every Christmas. It's a great and unique gift! I loved Silent Night. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally(?), the title of your song "Silent Night" was the main song being the theme of my most glorious year of Christmas this past season, starting with St. Nick praying over Baby Jesus, per my previous comment to you; that the artist who continued to resurface that entire season is the person Mayra mentions in her blog; that her name happens to be spelled almost exactly like mine . . . What do you make of it, Aaron?

In Jesus' name,