Saturday, February 2, 2008

Watch Over Me (Part II)

Sarah and I just bought one of those baby monitors with the night vision camera on it.  It's an incredible amount of fun.  We can hook it up to the TV in another room and watch to see if Daniel is awake, or falling asleep, or fidgety, or standing up shaking the crib.  One time as he was falling asleep, he lost his little stuffed monkey, it was so sad to see him grope around in the dark for his misplaced security.  Of course, the darkness shines like the day to us, thanks to the infrared camera.  We cheered him on as he searched for his monkey, "to the left!  Oh no, back to the right..." We threw our hands in the air as if we witnessed a game winning touchdown when he finally landed his tiny little hand on the prize!  It's great TV watching your own child, even if the writers Weren't on strike!

As Sarah laid him in bed tonight, I kissed him goodnight and hurried to the room to watch him.  I watched him lay on his back, cuddling and patting his stuffed monkey and bear, while his eyes searched in vain around a pitch black room, occasionally staring in the camera, directly at me.  I told him, "I'm watching over you tonight, my little boy.  Daddy's going to take care of you.  Sleep."  Of course, he couldn't hear me.  He is in his own little world, but his Daddy's watching over him.  And he's in good hands.

Point being:  Jesus said that we who were evil know how to give gift to our much more will our Father, who is perfect?  If I (who am evil) know how to watch over my child, how much more will God?


Challys said...

That is so cool. I didn't even know they made such a thing (of course I don't have kids so why would I?) I have known my little sister (step but we don't like to use that term) since she was 5, and now she is going to be 12 at the end of the month. Point being, enjoy them when they are small. They tend to grow up very fast.
~Challys (myspace)

pinhofamily said...

It is amazing how God uses little children to help us see a bigger glimpse of Him. They are so precious. Just wait until they learn how to pray and then tell you to stop praying because they want to it by themselves :). It does your heart good. If only we were so in tune to have that childlike faith.

Anonymous said...

very cool! they have such great things for parents now! Welcome to the blog world!

Jenny said...

Hey Aaron, those are good thoughts. I also wanted to congratulate on the reality of the dream you have had for so long (your music). It is encouraging to see how God has led you to where you are today from playing at TFC coffeehouses for persepctive students.:) Please know that I am lifting your family and ministry before the Lord. May He continue to shape and mold you! -Jenny Weller

Erin said...


I just recently had one of my bible quizzers ask me what it was like hearing someone you graduated with singing on the radio. My first response was awesome. It is so wonderful to see your success, but it is even more wonderful to hear the wonderful words God has given you to write, sing and share. You truly are a blessing!

Thanks for your wonderful music, and you never ending love for God.

In Him,

Erin HHS '93

gossjean said...

The Gosses appreciate you and praying for ya!

Phil said...

Dude. Sarah and I thought that was so cool as we read it tonight. We rushed to the emergency room last night because our 2 year old was having trouble breathing (or at least we thought). He was grunting and acting strange.

After the nurse checked him in, he started breathing normally and then proceeded to ... pass gas consistently for the next minute and a half. Turns out it was gas pains. :) So, we may have overreacted...

Oh, well, better to be safe than sorry. And it's good to know that God knows exactly what's wrong with us, even if it's just an upset stomach.

Hope you're well,