Monday, March 24, 2008

Pre-Tour Thoughts from the Hampton Inn

I'm in Nashville for Rehearsals staying at a hotel so that I can get plenty of sleep without being rude to my friends here in town and hopefully get over this cold once and for all.   Between Josh, Duffy and Scotty and with Shane at the helm running sound, I'm telling you people, it's an absolute pleasure to play.  Even practice is fun.   These guys just sound so good.  I can't wait to take this evening of songs to your town.  
So I've often been asked what my favorite Bible verse is.  That's a tough one as so many of them are life changing and inspiring.  (All of them are inspired: God-breathed)  But I've really enjoyed the balance found in Proverbs 21:31.  The Message says "Do your best, prepare for the worst and trust God to bring victory"  I love that.  It doesn't give us license to sit on our butts, so to speak, and wait for Him to make everything better, but encourages us to take action.  It makes me think "maybe this situation won't turn out like I'd choose so I'd better take that into account" and ultimately places my circumstances in the capable hands of God.    

As an artist, I apply that to my concerts, and as a child of the King, I apply that to everything.

Okay, I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Phone Home

I'm at home 3 days after getting back from Minnesota.  We had a 5am lobby call to get to the airport in time, we sat on the tarmac for over an hour while they de-iced the plane, so we missed our connection in Chicago.  Once we got on a later flight we sat on That plane while they de-iced as well.   So all in all, I think we sat on a plane (a veritable petri dish of disease) for over 8 hours.  Justin blogged about it: Click here for the full story.  So I spent yesterday in bed with a mild fever and brewing cough which is now a beautiful bronchial hack.   I still got 8 hours of sleep last night however and woke up early to make some phone calls to radio stations and newspapers.  When something happens like a new song releasing or a tour coming up we'll schedule one morning a week and trying to squeeze as many 'phoners' as possible.  I have a little break between calls now, so I figured I'd tell you all about it, pour another cup of coffee and maybe grab a bowl of Fruit Loops.   mmm

Friday, March 7, 2008

First Headline Tour Show

Thank you St Paul, Minnesota for making my first Headline Tour Show an absolute pleasure!  I was actually quite a bit nervous that no one would show surprised me and blessed my heart!

Meredith Andrews started off the evening with a few of her amazing songs (album out April 29!) including future song of the year "You're Not Alone" then Brandon brought his songwriting self out with Josh and Duffy and played some favorites including "I'm Not Who I Was" (going to be This year's Song of the Year!), my favorite song "Red Sky" and a couple new ones like "Give Me Your Eyes" that will blow-your-mind.  I asked him where he bought his brain, cause I want one.

Then after intermission we played.  I figured I'd leak the set list to the 4 of you who read my blog.  We're a tight-knit group; us.

Worthy/Let All I Do
Long Live the King
Give Me Words To Speak
Can't Hide From Your Love
Stillness (Speak To Me)
Come To Me
Watch Over Me
My Savior My God
Give It All Away

And when St Paul asked for a little bit more...

More Wonderful
One Day

Like I said, "I love me some KTIS"  Thanks for coming out, everyone.  I'm a tired and happy boy.

Sunrise Minnesota

Rehearsals for the Whispered and Shouted Tour went very well!  We practiced all day Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Brandon and Meredith rehearsed Thursday afternoon, but Mitch and I caught a 4:00 flight up to MSP.  So I left Atlanta at 74 degrees and it was actually -5 degrees this morning as I left the hotel at 6:50am to go over to KTIS for the morning drive.  As my alarm clock turned on the radio to KTIS, I was getting ready when I decided to open the blinds and the sun popped up just as David Crowder Band's "O Praise Him" started (with that perfect little piano intro!) 
David and Pam were a blast as always, we talked about Sunday Gravy, the Florida twins just born named Brett and Farve and the Wisconsin gentleman who burned down his barn trying to clear the snow from his driveway with a torch.  I played My Savior My God and Give Me Words to Speak live and also threw in a nice little version of My Savior My God to the tune of Steven Curtis Chapman's "Dive."  That's always fun.   After "Becky's Breakfast" (Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns and two Sticky Buns!) at Pippin's Restaurant, I'm back in the hotel room, waiting for the band to arrive and turning my thoughts toward this evening: the first show of my first headlining tour!  I feel incredibly privileged to do what I do: and I thank you all for allowing me to do so!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Almost Spring...Almost

This Sunday we spring ahead with our clocks!  I've had the top down on my Jeep for the past two days: the high in Atlanta today was 74!  The house windows are open: all meals are had on the back porch!  I had to run some errands today: one of which was putting a hitch on the back of my Jeep so that I can haul my keyboard, guitars and other varied space-taking items up to Nashville for rehearsals on Wednesday.  The first show for the Spring Tour (even though it's a date all by itself) is in St Paul, Minnesota.  (Not Minneapolis, mind you, but close).  They're a bunch of good people, those KTIS'ers...and while I'm excited about it...I just checked the weather for Thursday (when I fly in, cause I'm doing the morning show on KTIS friday: listen in!)...and it's going to be ONE degree!     ...I think I'm going to go for a walk outside right now, while I can.

And hopefully my plane lands better than this one.