Monday, March 24, 2008

Pre-Tour Thoughts from the Hampton Inn

I'm in Nashville for Rehearsals staying at a hotel so that I can get plenty of sleep without being rude to my friends here in town and hopefully get over this cold once and for all.   Between Josh, Duffy and Scotty and with Shane at the helm running sound, I'm telling you people, it's an absolute pleasure to play.  Even practice is fun.   These guys just sound so good.  I can't wait to take this evening of songs to your town.  
So I've often been asked what my favorite Bible verse is.  That's a tough one as so many of them are life changing and inspiring.  (All of them are inspired: God-breathed)  But I've really enjoyed the balance found in Proverbs 21:31.  The Message says "Do your best, prepare for the worst and trust God to bring victory"  I love that.  It doesn't give us license to sit on our butts, so to speak, and wait for Him to make everything better, but encourages us to take action.  It makes me think "maybe this situation won't turn out like I'd choose so I'd better take that into account" and ultimately places my circumstances in the capable hands of God.    

As an artist, I apply that to my concerts, and as a child of the King, I apply that to everything.

Okay, I'm going to bed.


Mayra said...

Aaron!! I really, really, really, wanted to try and catch u in San Antonio, but no one is willing to go that far on a Sunday night =( Guess I wasn't meant to catch u on this tour even though ur sophomore album is my FAVORITE and ur set list sounds awesome!

Nice life verse.... Mine is Matthew 6:34

Hope u had a wonderful Easter. He is risen!


Mayra said...

P.S. The Hampton Inn is so comfy!! They alwayz have warm choclate chip cookies in the lobby =)

suchimpulse said...

Aaron - glad that you have such a great sound team! I'm hoping to see you when you are here in Chicago - but we'll see if I can break away. Take care of yourself - drink lots of water!

Jen D. said...

Aaron...looks like you got a haircut! Nice! =)

Karen said...

Yo Aaron, send me a message on MySpace ( email me. I have a question for you. Hope you're doing well.

Tim said...

Aaron, sorry to hear your still sick, I guess thats one of the problems being stuck on an aircraft with all those germs floating around. Dont know if there is a Spanish store in Nashviille?? You need to get some Vicks, a small bottle of arrow brand medicated oil and Bronquina. Mix some vicks and bronquina in your hands, add a few drops of the arrow brand medicated oil, heat your hands up over the stove and spread over chest and neck. A good friend told me about this when my wife and daughter was realy sick and it really HELPED LOADS!!!

Was hoping to see you on Thursday at Grace Tabernacle, but wont be able to make it this time.

Take care, hope you get better soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron, are you writing any new songs and do you have any ideas on when you are going to release a new album?

Ryan said...

sorry..I'm Ryan..I posted that "anonymous" comment lol..

The Murray's said...

Mr. Aaron you are my favorite singer. I love your music and am looking forward to the concert tomorrow at TFC. I'm am a piano student of your mom's. She is sooooo nice! Hopefully I will see you tomorrow night at the concert and I hope you feel better.
Elizabeth { age 12}

Heather said...

Wow, I didn't know that was in the bible, but it is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I have been slacking off a little and I have found no reason to try harder with the promise that "God will make everything work." Thanks!