Friday, March 7, 2008

Sunrise Minnesota

Rehearsals for the Whispered and Shouted Tour went very well!  We practiced all day Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Brandon and Meredith rehearsed Thursday afternoon, but Mitch and I caught a 4:00 flight up to MSP.  So I left Atlanta at 74 degrees and it was actually -5 degrees this morning as I left the hotel at 6:50am to go over to KTIS for the morning drive.  As my alarm clock turned on the radio to KTIS, I was getting ready when I decided to open the blinds and the sun popped up just as David Crowder Band's "O Praise Him" started (with that perfect little piano intro!) 
David and Pam were a blast as always, we talked about Sunday Gravy, the Florida twins just born named Brett and Farve and the Wisconsin gentleman who burned down his barn trying to clear the snow from his driveway with a torch.  I played My Savior My God and Give Me Words to Speak live and also threw in a nice little version of My Savior My God to the tune of Steven Curtis Chapman's "Dive."  That's always fun.   After "Becky's Breakfast" (Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns and two Sticky Buns!) at Pippin's Restaurant, I'm back in the hotel room, waiting for the band to arrive and turning my thoughts toward this evening: the first show of my first headlining tour!  I feel incredibly privileged to do what I do: and I thank you all for allowing me to do so!


Mayra said...

Good luck with opening night!!


Julia said...

You might not miss the ATL that much when I tell you we're getting snow showers/flurries tomorrow morning!

I'm so proud of you for headlining...I remember when you were just a little "gym-rat" :)

God Bless you on this tour!

Laura E said...

Congrats, Aaron, on your big opening night tonight! I'm happy to hear you're headlining now. I was so disappointed at the MercyMe concert that you only played for about 20 minutes. You'll have to drop by Sioux Falls sometime and do a longer show...ever heard of the Lifelight Music Festival?!? :)

Umm...really? People named their twins Brett and Favre? I'm as big of Brett fan as anyone, but I pity the poor child who got stuck with Favre for a name...his whole live will be Fav-rah?

Andy and Miranda - In Him said...

Hi Aaron, I told Andy you were going to be on KTIS so we could listen online since we're in Michigan. But, I slept in too late! We're so glad you posted this entry, so we could find out what we missed. My Savior My God to the tune of Dive? Wow, that's got to be different for sure! We'll have to hear that some time... Isn't MN absolutely beautiful? I went there last summer and loved every minute of it! May God bless everyone on this tour, and congrats on headlining!!! Hey, while you're out there be sure to tell about the beautiful children with Compassion! And know that we're standing right with you!!! Love in Christ, Andy and Miranda - In Him

Heather said...

How did you combine those two songs!?! Is there a way I can get that? I love both of them, and together, they must be awesome.