Sunday, April 6, 2008

3rd Leg: Deep In The Heart

After playing Parkersburg, WV on Tuesday we had a day off in Peoria, IL.  I can't remember what we did...I went for a jog, I offered to help an older lady carry her groceries from her car, but I think I scared her and she said no.  So I obliged and kept on running; when she saw that I didn't insist, I think she realized I actually would have helped her, and she yelled out, "Thank you!"  I waved.   I guess I shouldn't run in all black.  We went to Red Lobster for dinner after walking around the mall all afternoon.  Peoria.  Home of John Daker.
We woke up in Omaha: cold and rainy but had some of the best catering ever.  Brisket sandwiches & baked potato soup for lunch and Ribs and Chicken for dinner.  Great ribs!  From there we drove to Tulsa where I've played 4 times now, always a great time and a great crowd...a group of volunteers were going to IHOP afterward and invited us to go, which I SO wanted to do cause I love the Swedish Crepes.  But we had to drive to Howard Payne University in Texas: and while I was talking to Josh and Ben Rector, this guy was standing next to us, I looked over and recognized him, "Daniel Tucek?!"  Daniel was the bass player for One Bad Pig, one of my favorite bands in my teenage years.  We'd never met, but I wrote the band a letter when I was a kid, and he wrote me back a personal note: totally impressive.  I was pretty much star struck.  We talked a lot and he had some great advice to give.  I got a great chance to talk with some people after the show.  People, I truly love meeting you all and sharing life with you!
Today, we closed out our Texas experience in San Antonio!  Perfect weather: hot, sunny and dry.  We ate BBQ from Old Town Grill and it was amazing.  Texas can do Barbeque.  The Show in San Antone may have been one of my favorite: the audience was ready to sing; ready to have fun: great crowd!  
Back on the bus: we're headed to Jacksonville, FLORIDA.   Remind me to tell you about Brandon, Eyebrows and Dr Pepper.


Mayra said...

sad day! you were in texas, and i didn't get to see you =(

i'm glad you liked the BBQ!

Maybe you'll make your way down to Texas!

Joey said...

Aaron - Is it really you? Did you leave the post? If so, post us... we are plain as day... love your music, but struggle with "Christianity" today....It would be good (edifying) to know if there are still vessels that are "siniceria" aka without cracks... check out our blog... We bailed out of everything that was comfortable to find what He had for us. You were in Rapid City, SD last year... I wasn't there but because I missed you, bought your CD. LOVE IT. He does whisper in the wind and shouts from the waves. God is soooooo goooooood that way.

Mayra said...

Don't forget to tell us about Brandon, Eyebrows, and Dr.Pepper! lol

Aaron Shust said...

it's really me ;)

Jake Trimble said...