Friday, April 25, 2008

Dove/GMA Encounters

I played guitar for JACI V at 12:53pm Wednesday which was way cool, because she's a talented legend (who I met when I was in college and she was 14) But I therefore missed my rehearsal with Jeremy Camp at the Doves at 11:30am.  We announced for New Artist of the Year. (Brandon Heath!)

Here are some of my encounters with my heroes:
TOBYMAC: When I packed and left home 6 weeks ago, I wasn't thinking about what to wear at the Doves.  So when it came time to drive to the Grand Old Opry, I realized I had nothing to wear.  Sarah brought up a jean blazer that I bought last year cause it fit so well, but never matched with anything, and all I had with me was my 'stage jeans' that I wore Every night this whole tour.  Denim on Denim and not Quite the same color!  A black button down shirt and black shoes.  Feeling VERY self conscious and about to be on National TV, Toby walks up to me and after a couple sentences of "what's up" he steps closer, lightly grabs my jacket by the buttons and says, "you Gotta tell me where you got your suit!"  He was serious, he loved it and I was no longer self conscious.  By the end of the night 5 people told me they loved my suit!

I was able to tell CINDY MORGAN, the ever gorgeous Songwriter of the Year, that I was her driver for the day when she played at Toccoa Falls back in 1998.   I sat next to one of her friends at the Doves and she asked me, "Were you really Cindy's bus driver?"  Oh how yarns get spun...

I went to see THIRD DAY play at the Wild Horse Saloon on Tuesday night after an event I had to be at, and got all the way down there (7 blocks) and didn't have my ID or my Conference I got bounced from the show.  On sprint back to the hotel I called MAC POWELL to tell him that I tried, I left a message, he called me back to see if he could get me in, but I had already retrieved my items and made it back (out of breath) just in time for the first song.  Great new music!

I was walking to lunch with Dan Hannon on Tuesday and JEREMY CAMP drove by and yelled out the window to me and pointed, but was pointing a little behind me; and since he was wearing shades I could tell he was looking at me...So i didn't readily enter the conversation (forgetting that Dan didn't know him)  He said "Hey man!  We're presenting together tomorrow!" That's when I realized he Was talking to me.  I told him that story Wednesday night, and he was like, "Yeah man, I was like, whatever?" As if I was too cool to say hey.   When in actuality, I think Jeremy's too cool.  And cool he is. 

Finally for today, BRANDON HEATH looked like he thought Jeremy and I pulled a prank on him when we called his name for New Artist.  He texted me today, "Did you see how surprised I was?  I was like, 'Surely he's not playing a trick on me in front of America.'  My hand was shaking!"

GMA week: 5 days where I get to hang out with all my heroes


Anonymous said...

Aaron - it sounds like you had a great time! It's cool how you get to hang out with everyone! I'm glad everyone liked your "suit"!
Hope to see you next time you are in Chicago!


Mayra said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time!! Wish I was there. DId you buy any chance bump into David Crowder or Chris Tomlin??? I think they're pretty cool.


Aaron Shust said...

i did speak briefly with both David and Chris: and they're cool as always, I actually spent more time talking with David's parents, they were walking in with me from the parking lot and saw my name tag and introduced themselves: I was able to tell them what an inspiration their son has been and is to me! pretty cool.

Mayra said...

Awww, that's awesome! I'm sure they appreciated it.


Dan said...

Thanks for the update Aaron. I think sometimes we tend to place artists on a pedestal, and its refreshing to hear you have the same worries we do.

Hope you can enjoy your time off!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Shust!
Why don't you have a picture of you in the "awesome" suite next to your story?


Laura E said...

I agree. I really want to see the suit! Sounds like a great week. And I just love that there's Christian versions of celebrities out there. While I was reading the blog, I was thinking, "Man, what a life, to know all those artists and to be one and be friends with them all." But then I got really pumped when I realized that I'll get to do that in heaven too. :) Sweet.

Julia said...

You should totally post a pic of you in the suit!!! Also, I'm so glad that you and Dan were nominated...what an honor!!! You guys rock!!!

By the way, you missed a big time funny...Dino has a new saying "If I want your opinion, I'll smack it out of you" (in an Italian accent) we laughed so hard when he said that!!! haha I like saying it to Hayden just to goof around now!

Anne Jackson said...

This is funny. So, when you dashed into the WHS to see Third Day (notably out of breath), you happened to ask me if we were in line to get in as Stephanie Lee was handing out passes for *us* to get in. :)

I caught a glimpse of your badge and thought, "hmm...that name sounds familiar (sorry, I have fallen out of touch with Christian music lately)...and then, as most people with ADD do, forgot until just now...I was browsing through a co-worker's iTunes and saw he had "Anything Worth Saying" so I am currently listening to it. And loving it.

Hope all is well. :)

Anonymous said...

You would be the star to see! Your music is incredible!