Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From Lone Star to Shining Sea

We spent the last 2 days driving from San Antonio to Jacksonville, Florida with a stop in Biloxi MS.  We stayed at the IP Casino because casino's rooms are rather inexpensive as they think you'll spend all your money at the tables.  But I'm not a gambling man.  So I'll take the cheap rooms.  Sarah and I walked Daniel down to the shore and played in the sand and the shore break; found a shrimping boat on sale for $18,00.00.  I don't know what that means, but it was funny.We all chipped in for a cabana, poolside from 6-10pm so we could watch the Final Four Championship.  It was a great evening: warm, breezy, heated pool, a sliver-crescent moon and a big screen TV.  But the game didn't start till 8:30 CDT...so we missed the end.  awesome.  Josh is from Kansas though: so he was happy.
Anyhow: as promised: Eyebrows.  I drew a picture of the band a couple days ago and Brandon said he'd draw me.  Then he told the crowd about it and mentioned how I was all eyebrows.  He was explaining how I'm not as mean as I look in all my pictures and with eyebrows like mine: I can't help but look angry.
Then he introduced me as, "Mr Eyebrows himself, Aaron Shust"
Anyhow, we're about to play the Clay County Fair here in Jacksonville.  We have Horses parked next to the bus.  Awesome.
Daniel loves it (pictured here with Reb, our driver) Our noses, however, are not loving it.  


Mayra said...

That's so funny! I don't think you look mad. I alwayz thought you looked serious or kinda confused.

I'm sorry that I'm alwayz the first to comment. I feel like such a stalker but I LOVE reading your blogs! They're quite entertaining and brighten up my workday.

Good luck tonight!

Mayra said...

p.s. I don't get how dr. pepper fits in...lol

Oct31st1517 said...

thx 4 a gr8 show in san antonio.The whole family went and we all had fun. can't w8 till the next show...maybe nxt time we'll bring our dog T.U.L.I.P

Aaron Shust said...

Mark! Reformation day. my birthday. glad you liked it! I have a Christmas song coming out this year that our friend Martin Luther and I co-wrote.

Laura E said...

Hey Aaron! Glad to hear you're traveling safely on your tour. A cabana on the beach watching the game poolside sounds amazing. I watched the game in small-town Iowa with a chilly wind blowing outside. About the eyebrows...I don't think you look mad either, but maybe they'll be your trademark now.

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I went to your show last night at the Clay County Fair. We missed Miranda Andrews, but we made it for Brandon Heath and you. We really enjoyed it. I appreciate you trying to impact your audience for Christ. Sometimes Christian singers are just entertainers, there's nothing spiritual about it. I don't feel that way about your music. I love the song, Give Me Words to Speak. I often raise my hands to worship God when I hear it play on the car radio. I just wanted to give a word of encouragement to you, because your music is a great encouragement to me. I hope we have an opportunity to hear you again someday. Keep up the good music!

Julia said...

Eyebrows? I have never thought that! I know you loved being at the beach...I won't tell everyone about our secret love of a certain surfer girl movie...oh wait, I think I just did! OOPS!!!

Have a great week, tell Sarah hey! If you get a second...stop by our blog :)



Anonymous said...

ur eyebrows are fine lol
i mean ur pics dont make u look really friendly but you really are a nice guy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for signing me your autograph last Saturday at your concert in Illinois. "Stillness speak to Me" and all your song were awesome.

I also know how to play guitar and sing your songs. Would you like me to upload a youtube video?