Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Texas Smells and Florida Tastes

We played the Clay County Fair tonight south of Jacksonville, FL.  Brandon shot some great footage of he and Meredith you'll have to check out on his myspace page.  Deep fried Oreo's (pictured) were consumed by many, as were deep fried Snickers on a stick.  Scotty rode the Zipper Ride and got pretty sick.  I filmed it.
Now we're on the bus headed to Nashville for a couple days off.  We're staying with the Normans and I'm meeting with Jason Ingram (co-wrote Can't Hide From Your Love with me) to work on a song for the new album.  
So, as promised: I was on a jog in Texas: the home of The Cowboys, big trucks and Dr Pepper.  I smelled something in the air, a familiar smell, but one I couldn't place.  Was it a tree?  A restaurant? A flower?  No: I was smelling Dr Pepper!  It couldn't be...that's laughable.  But for the next 2-3 minutes, Dr Pepper was the prevalent smell in the air, and I had to laugh: Texas Literally Smells Like Dr. Pepper!


~Kristie~ said...

Thanks for your blog updates! I've been reading everyday and can not wait until you make it back to Michigan! I met you the summer of 2006 at Unity Festival in Muskegon, MI. My husband and I hope to make it up to Gaylord for the Big Ticket Festival in June. Keep blogging~
PS: I didn't even realize your eyebrows were any bigger than anyone else????? :)

Mayra said...


I'm so0o0o0o EXCITED that you are working on a new album.

I love how the songs you write are kind of written like a prayer. I feel like I'm praying along not singing!!!

As for Texas smelling like Dr.Pepper....Well, I never really noticed. I guess that's cuz I'm used to the smell...lol


Anonymous said...

LOVED your concert at the fair last night!!! My favorite song ...hard to say, "Watch over me" ,absolutely love the lyrics! God has a way of humbling us doesn't He! Playing the harmonica upside down didn't sound too bad.I love the purity and simplicity of scripture put to music, keep up the great work! Thanks for driving way down south to share in lifting up the name of our Awesome Lord and Savior.

Michael said...


I really appreciated you, Brandon, and Meredith playing the Clay County Fair. I know it is different from your usual concert stops. You guys were great, and Meredith has an awesome voice.

Sorry about the smells - the fun of being at an "agricultural" fair. Hope you all had fun and got to enjoy the rides and games/food, etc. I've never had a fried Oreo myself. My sister says "why mess with perfection"?

I know you touched lives at the concert and were able to reach people who would not have come to a regular concert venue. Seeing the kids singing along to your songs were great. Plus the people who have never listened to Christian music who wandered in to see what was happening got to hear the music and great words.

As I am typing this, your song "give me words to speak" just came on my Cable TV music channel. What timing.

Thanks again! You guys (and gal) have a great heart for God and are living what you speak.


Oct31st1517 said...

shuster, glad to hear abt the new material coming later this year. If you get any down time in the late fall, u should plan a trip back to Tx w/the family. San Antonio really celebrates our Lord's birth w/enthusiasm and downtown is beautiful during that time as well. Good luck on the rest of the tour, my brother.

Melody Joy Francis said...

Hey Aaron,
My name is Melody, and I discovered your music last Summer through Brandon Heath's MySpace page.....I just wanted to tell you that God has used your music over and over again throughout this past year to bless, encourage, and challenge me. I have battled alot of physical problems this past year and some days were just really tough and painful, but God reminded me over and over of His great love, kindness and faithfulness toward me as His child through your song "Watch over Me." Rare is the occasion that I can listen to it without crying! :-)
Some of my family, friends, and I are coming out to see you guys in Lancaster on the 17th. I am very excited as I know it will be a great blessing. Thank you so much for using your music to communicate the great truths of God's word and His incredible message of healing and restoration. God bless you!

Aaron Shust said...

Thanks Melody: so encouraging! I forwarded your message on to my team who work so hard to make sure you get to hear the songs I write: to encourage them! I thank God that he's used my simple prayers to impact your journey!
see you in Lancaster!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Aaron Shust said...

so sorry anonymous,
we're working on your situation as we speak. in the meanwhile...read my May 9th blog entry! ;)