Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Tour: 2nd Leg

Last week we played in Wildwood Florida, about 1 hour north of Orlando.  I did my student teaching at nearby Leesburg HS in college (where they filmed Waterboy) and one of my students, John, was the promoter for the show!  He said when he realized that I had been his teacher, he had to bring me in!  Very cool.  And my teacher, Mrs Elton even left a meeting early to come and catch the show: great little reunion time.   I accidentally played my harmonica upside-down, so now I have a piece of glow in the dark tape letting me know which side is up.   Awesome.   I'll keep practicing: new instrument for me.
Then we drove to Toccoa, GA where I actually WENT to college (Toccoa Falls) and played for their campus preview, where interested High School students get to hang out at college for the weekend.  I played during Campus Preview 10 years early, went I was supposed to open for Cindy Morgan and Satellite Soul, but their management never gave me permission to actually open, so I did a show in the cafeteria and on the green in the center of campus instead.  So 10 years later, I finally got to actually play for Preview and enjoyed playing to a "home town crowd" that packed out Grace Chapel!  My Band said it was the most show they'd ever played with me!  Thanks TFC!
Then we played for a youth convention in Dalton GA the next night, which is always interesting because the people aren't really there to hear a concert: they're there for the conference, so maybe a small percentage even care that you're there.  Which is always a good reminder of why we do what we do: to proclaim the truth of God's love for us: and point to His worth.  And we did that, and the conference attenders seemed to have a great time!  Great crowd!
Then the "Nashville Show"  That's when you play in or near Nashville, if you didn't figure that out.  That's when the people in the "industry" come out (hopefully) to see you.  It's always a little nerve wracking because it's easy to feel like you're being critiqued, but thankfully we work with very loving people that I consider my friends and I was probably the most relaxed on stage as I've ever been.   
We had a day off Monday and Sarah and Daniel and I hung out with Bebo and his family until our 10pm bus call last night.   Now we're in Parkersburg, WV ready to sound check for tonight's show!  Always a pleasure!


Mayra said...

Sounds like the tour is coming along smoothly! Thanx for the update!

I kinda have a weird question for you....can hear the audience when you ask them to sing along and you're wearing an earpiece?

I was at the Passion Dallas conference and Kristian Stanfill asked us to sing along but i saw him pull out the ear piece (i had front row!!!) but when David Crowder asked I took notice that he kept his in.

I really would appreciate it if you could answer that!


Anonymous said...

My wife,son and daughter came down to Dalton to see your concert specifally to see you. It was awesome and a pleasure to met you after (Children with Red hair)

Just wanted you to know that not all the audience attended the youth conference. My 10 year old saw an ad for your concert and asked if we could go.

We first saw you at the 2007 Dove awards. Were so impressed by your humility.

God bless.

abby said...

Your concert tonight in Parkersburg was amazing. God truly speaks though you, Brandon, and Meredith and it was a blessing to be able to share that with you for a few hours. I pray that God uses you to touch the lives of many others as you continue your spring tour! Love and prayers from WV!

Laura E said...

Sounds like the tour is going well! I had to laugh a little when you said you played your harmonica upside down. Ooops! :)

Dan said...

Glad to hear your tour is going so well! I wish I could come out to see you, but unfortunately the only show remotely close is in Lancaster, PA, and even that is close to 3hrs away and on a weekday :(

Come play in NJ/NY more often. Loved your show when you were with Michael W. Smith in NY, and would really enjoy hearing a full set.

Thanks a lot for all that you do. Your songs are so comforting, and (hopefully you don't mind) I even translated My Savior my God to spanish so I could sing it in my congregation :)

God Bless, and wish you the best on the rest of your tour!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great show in Toccoa Falls! ORCoastGal

pinhofamily said...

I've been waiting for a blog about how the concert went at good 'ole TFC. I know that had to be a treat for you to play there again. Wish we could have been there for the fun.

Anonymous said...

love the updates. keep em coming.