Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank you, Break, and Cleveland.

So I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who comment on my blogs, and those you who read them, but just don't feel you need to comment (which is totally cool)  But mainly I wanted to let those of you who DO comment know that while I may not respond to each and every comment you make, I do read them and your thoughts and words mean a lot to me, even if I don't add my own comments in response. 
I had a great day and a half in Nashville on break, I stayed at the Norman's again.  I had lunch with Mitch (my manager and good friend) on Wednesday, mere hours after our bus pulled in from Florida and spent the rest of the afternoon reading Last of the Mohicans on Bebo's front porch.  Thursday morning Bebo and I drove over to the studio and listened to some of his new tracks that they were mixing.  Bebo fans, you'll want to pre-order this one.  Non-Bebo fans, you'll want to pre-order this one.   It sounds awesome.  Then I went over Jason Ingram's like I told you I was going to, and we finished a song that I started writing.  Don't know what the title will be yet.  It's based on JS Bach's "Soli Deo Gloria" postscript he used on his compositions.  "To God Alone Be The Glory"  I'm pretty excited about the song.  
Then Sarah made Pork Burgers for Bebo, Roshare and I.  (I'll have to give the recipe because they're A Maze Ing)  We raced to the bus by 10pm and now I'm in Cleveland.  How did that happen?  Our driver calmly drove us through last night's horrific storm and I didn't wake up once. 


Mayra said...

Pork Burgers sound interesting. I don't usually like pork, but I think it would be fun to try it at least once! I'm glad all of you were kept safe through the storm, and I'm super excited about you working on your new album. I will definetly be praying for you throughout that process!

I also want to thank you for introducing me to Brandon Heath. After hearing you talk about him so much I decided to check him out and he's so0o0o cool!! I even read somewhere that he gave his number to his fans on his cd insert??? CRAZY.

One thing I am confused about is that some sources claim he's from Nashville but others say that he's from Houston???? If he is from Houston then I love that hometown boy! lol

Anywayz, Good Luck with the stop in Ohio!

Mayra said...

whoa, long comment....

Laura E said...

I can't WAIT to hear your new album. It makes me so excited! Your music is so great. I don't see how you keep up with this crazy schedule. Bus tours and hanging out with other cool artists and it's just crazy! But God blesses those who can, and you definately can. So keep up the good work!! Thank you for posting so often! It's great to be kept up to date on what you're up to.

Trish said...

Crazy, are you actually Aaron Shust? Small blogging world:)

Aaron Shust said...

Trish- :) popular question. My Mother and Father named me Aaron Michael Shust on Oct 31st, 1975.

Laura- Thanks!

Mayra- Brandon's phone number IS in his first album, and he grew up in Nashville and moved to Houston a year ago to work at a church. And his new album is amazing. and he just got a haircut.

Dan said...

Wow, your b-day is on Haloween too Aaron? Mine is too, albeit a few years later (10/31/82).

Can't wait for your next CD, hurry up and record everything. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you're on your way to Chicago for Saturday! I wish I was going to the concert, but I'll be tied up with my 16 year old daughter who is shaving her head for St. Baldricks - pediatric cancer research. She's raised $700 so far - hoping for $1,000 by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon!


Anonymous said...

You were awesome tonight in Cleveland! It was amazing to finally meet and briefly thank the one that God has used to comfort, to encourage, and to bless me in so many ways through your music and writing. We saw your first concert around here in Aug 2006 - it was wonderful too - so different from this one yet your message and heart remains the same, so faithful to God's work. Thanks again for the blessing, and for reading on here what I was too tongue-tied to say!
Your ministry is in my prayers of thankfulness,

:-) The one with the friend who bought your first music book sold on tour!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you kno that I really enjoyed your concert last night up here in Cleveland. It was really amazing to see you singing live and to get to meet you! :) Actually, after the concert, me and my friends were waiting in the (empty) worship center for quite some time just waiting to see you come out. Later on we finally realized that you already came out and were in the hall!ha. We were just glad we got to meet you even if we were at the end of the line! Anyways...I really enjoyed it all and i love the fact that i was able to come to a concert and worship God unlike other concerts that i've been to. Like i (partially)said last night your songs really have an impact on me. No matter if i'm having a tough day or just feel like i'm not getting closer to God, your songs really speak to me and help me out through those times. Hearing the lyrics (and singing along!)just make me so glad that I know God and know how wonderful He is. It reminds me that i need to share my joy with others around me. I thank you for the impact you've had on my life and for all the great work you are doing. I didn't get a chance to say this last night, but i thank God for you and you want you to know that you are in my prayers! Keep up the amazing work!! :) (and thanks for reading's kinda long!)

Corrie van Kampen said...

I was blessed enough to be in the audience at the Cleveland show and you were AWESOME! I could hardly believe I was really there, and that I was able to meet you, Brandon, and Meredith afterwards (my hubby and I were first in line to meet you guys). And I'm especially thankful that we now have Indirajira in our lives...our child that we now sponsor through CI. We have all written to him already :)

Things have been up in the air for me lately, as far as the plans I have hoped would materialize for just isn't happening like I thought. When you sang "all of my plans, all of my dreams, I lay them down before your feet", it really reminded me that GOD has only wonderful things in store for me, if I listen to Him and trust and obey Him. Thanks for the very timely reminder :)

God Bless You, your family, your ministry...Thank you for blessing me and my family.

Anonymous said...

Just To Let You Know-The HOLY_SPIRIT'S Anointing-Enveloped Me,In the Middle of The Concert-Near PITTSBURG-PA-{ Awesome!} I got to MEET You,Aaron and Meredith-But BRANDON-Never CAME to The GREET-TABLE-Why Was This-So,When Many of us Wanted to get our CD-s Autographed? Please Tell Him-WE Missed Seeing & GREETING-Him.-O.K.? all the SONGS at that Concert Were Soooo...Touching To Our-HEARTS-Thanks-SO-VERY-Much-For a WONDERFUL TIME-Worshiping JESUS-We Will NEVER-FORGET THIS ANOINTED-NIGHT of MINISTRY!MANY-MORE-PRAISES WE GIVE To YOU_-WONDERFUL LORD & SAVIOR<> JESUS CHRIST [Bonnidel S.-McMurray-PA