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Monday, May 5, 2008

Control Save

Or in my case "Apple-Save", except that Macs no longer have an Apple's the "Command" Key with a little picture of an intersection on it...but we still call it the Apple Key...

Anyhow, saving is a very important function when working on something very important and laborious.  I spent two hours working on a demo for my new album: a song called "Exalted Forever" I had finished it and was just getting ready to bounce it to iTunes when "GarageBand unexpectedly quit", and I never saved it from the very beginning.  Unbelievable.  So, I spent another hour doing it again (half of the original effort was spent in the creative process: figuring out HOW to do that I knew how I was going to do it...i just needed to actually do it...again)

So now I have 16 songs that I'm going to bring to the table: oops, I forgot about my Heart of Worship cover: 17.  Of course, not all 17 will make the cut...the painful cutting process. 

Anyhow: people, save your work.  don't be silly.


Joel Lee said...

As a programmer and fellow (amateur) songwriter, I understand your pain of losing work due to not saving. I'd advise an extra step as well: backups. Frequent saving is good but backups are even better, in case something you're working on gets corrupted or lost.

I'm delighted to have stumbled across your blog, Mr. Shust. You've been a great inspiration and motivation for me to praise and worship God in a truer sense. Thank you! May God receive all the glory.

EmilyPrahst said...

umm yeah, totally know the feeling. I definitely was writing a paper all night a few weeks ago and lost it... and I was sad. Anyways, hope all is well!

Julia said...

This is why God has gifted you with patience, for rizzle. Otherwise you would have thrown your Mac out the window. When will they make it so stuff saves itself? I mean, man has walked on the moon!

I hate it when that happens to me whilst I'm creating these lovely apartment ads.

Mayra said...

Ouch! I probably would've had a heart attack. Looks like you have lots of new tunes! Awesome. I would looooooooooooove to hear your rendition of The Heart of Worship. One reason being is cuz i love Matt Redman, but hearing my favorite muscician cover that song would be awesome.

Katie said...

Aaron! How cool to find your blog.

I just wrote a blog post about your song, actually -( God has used the words in "My Savior, My God" repeatedly to break me of my pride and doubt! He plays it over the radio ON CUE, it seems! Thank you for being willing and open to Him and His will and way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shust,
I cannot wait for your new album to come out! There is allot of christian music out there, and sometimes it seems like they sing the songs more to themselves than to God. But I can always tell that you sing your songs to God and are very humble about it. So I just wanted to say thank you and encourage you to remain humble.


Anita said...

I know your pain only too well. I loose stuff all the time my laptop has dents from me banging my head against it!

Such a blessing to find your blog!

~Kristie~ said...

WOW - no apple key? My Macbook Pro, I just got in July, has one....Do you have a brand new MAC? I'm not sure they are allowed to make a MAC without an apple key. Maybe yours is defective and you should return it - just tell them you need one with an apple key, so you remember to 'save'....... Your so cool, I'm sure they'll hook you up!

Tim Wheeler said...

Yes. Recreating something is painful. Not as painful as pairing down 17 songs to 12.

By the by, I still have an apple on my command key. You don't? I must be in need of an upgrade... I'm going to go let my wife know, right now!


Anonymous said...

Oh-I"m Glad You're Doing the -Song,EXALTED FOREVER on Your New CD-the Words-You Turned my Mourning into Dancing-Are Full of HOPE-My Mom is WITH JESUS in HEAVEN This Mother's DAY-It Will Be a sad Day For my brothers & I-Please Pray For Us & others suffering without their Parents-Thanks,Aaron WE Appreciate Your efforts to Uplift people's spirits-With Praise & Worship Music-You deserve an A+++ For all you accomplished, Evie

Dan said...

Ouch. Sounds like my experience in college of a lab report getting corrupted the night before its due and no other copies =/

My brother's experience was worse. He was keeping parts of his thesis on a USB drive, and when the USB Drive got corrupted, he lost all that work because he didn't save it on any hard drives.

Cara said...

I feel your pain!

NaeNae83 said..., I was wondering when your going to be back up north around WI?? I had a great time in Rolling Meadows in April Thanks for the show!

Stephanie said...


Thanks for your blog... We met down in Nashville at GMA -- humble is definitely a word I would use to describe you. The Spirit of the Lord is with you...there is such a peace about you. You may remember, i inquired about having you minister in concert in PA (August date). I've contacted your Booking Agency - would love to hear from you re: this and more. Be Blessed,

Andy and Miranda - In Him said...

Hi Aaron,
A story from In Him Land about saving work...
When I first got my current keyboard, I didn't read the part of the manual that said to save all work on an external storage device before unplugging the keyboard...
So, I did the keyboard tracks for 5 songs and we even wrote a brand-new song in honor of our first ever event! We unplugged the keyboard, went to our first event, and made a scary discovery!!!
Silence from the song bank? No keyboard tracks for our 5 songs? No new song we wrote just the night before?
This is when you learn to truly trust God!!!

Andy and Miranda - In Him