Thursday, May 1, 2008

Demos at Home

Yes I shaved my head.  It's summer.
I'm getting ready to record the new record (ree-KORD the noo REK-erd), so I'm home and have been working on coming up with decent sounding demos, so that my people can hear the new songs and be able to give educated input on how to proceed.  This advice can range anywhere from telling who to best approach to produce each song, to telling me these are the worst songs they've ever heard and if I want to continue with my career, I'd better start from scratch.  So, needless to say,  I'm hoping for more of the former and not the latter.  
It's interesting: as a songwriter, you come up with cool ideas that resonate with what God is teaching you, and you turn it into a song.  A thing that is near and dear to your heart, almost like a child (that's another blog!) I'm so excited about these new songs that I just listen to them over and over again.  Here's the interesting part: whenever I record them and then you can find them on the shelves, it's no longer "cool" for me to listen to my own songs.  What happened?


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Shust!
I'm the first one to comment on your new blog! Sorry, I'm a little exsited about that. By the way nice hair cut!


Anonymous said...

You and my daughter have the same haircut! LOL
I know what you mean about being exciting and listening over and over to your song. I'm a fledgling writer - I write the words and my friend writes the music. It's cool to listen over and over to how they fit together when they were written separately.
hmmmmm there's a lesson there I think.

Mayra said...

You cut your hair!

Aaron, I am so excited about your new record it's almost pathetic. I really hope that you include the journal entries that you did on your last two records because I use them as devos and i really appreciate the thought process behind each song.

Best of Luck!!

Rachel said...

Hey Aaron.. I am So excited for the new album:) I will be praying for you as you write, record etc..
I was wondering is Hotta Worship going to be on this album?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shust,
I'm really excited about your new record too! And I really like that you give the origin of each story, thank you for taking the extra time out to do that!

Cathryn said...

NO WAY NEW ALMBUM!!!! whooo hooooo! i ahev the second one now i need to get the first lol... i better hurry!

Dan said...


GL with the demos!

Any thoughts yet on what you are going to name the new CD?

Miss C.N.W. said...

I like the new haircut!

Can't wait to hear the new music. I've been listening to your last album while I write my novel. It helps the creativity flow. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Hi Baldy!I'm Know Your Buzz-Cut Will Feel Airy-In the Dog Days of the Coming Heat-Waves of Summer! There"s
So Much Pollen Falling From the Trees in GEORGIA-It Seems Like it's SNOW-ING-GREEN-POWDER And it Covers everything !( My Brother,Gilbert Lived in Atlanta 4 years-The Heat is oppressive- Anyway-I'm Wishing Your Wife & Your Mom- Happy Mother's Day! We never Tire of HEARING Your SONGS-Even if you Might-It may be you are READY TO Move AHEAD into Something Totally unique-Creatively-Some New Territory to Explore! Thank-You For Giving So Much of Yourself-I'm Glad You Loved your Mom SSSOOOOO-MUCH ! YOU MADE a CD of SONGS Just For Her! And Then It BECAME Your First Praise-Music Effort-"Anything WORTH SAYING"-a Favorite CD of Many of us! Keep on BLOGGING! BALDY! {BONNIE- :)

Andy and Miranda - In Him said...

Hi Aaron,
Surely know what ya mean about writing songs, not using over half of them (at least in our case), and at times getting sick of them... Lol! I always have to remind myself that I'm singing praises to God, not just practicing for our next event...
Stay in touch, and have a blessed rest of the week!

Andy and Miranda - In Him