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Friday, May 9, 2008

Lets Go Pens

If you haven't caught on, I'm from Pittsburgh.  I wrote a song called 'Burgh Boy' a long time ago when i was in college, about how much I love all things Pittsburgh.  Then last month when I played a show at my alma mater ( a few people started shouting for me to play I had to acquiesce, even though I wasn't prepared and forgot a lot of how it went.  Needless to say it was fun.   Then I performed it again April 18th at my last Spring Tour show which happened to be in Pittsburgh...and gave the mighty 'Guins a little tribute.

Anyhow, WORD FM in Pittsburgh emailed and wanted to know if they could play it...then if they could post it for a free download.  So we said sure.  So if you care about Pittsburgh: here are two free songs about it.  If you could care less about Pittsburgh: here are two free songs about it.  Enjoy.

And go Pens!


Joel Lee said...

Being from Philadelphia, it's encouraging for me to see a worship leader from Pennsylvania. Most of them are from Texas and Nashville, rarely from here!

Aaron Shust said...

joel lee
you are very kind to write to me after last night's game. Proud to share our Pennsylvania roots, even if our cities are arch rivals right now ;)

Julia said...

That's awesome and fun!!! Oh, and I am so excited too!!! ;)

Jake T. said...

It's a 'Burgh thing, Brother!

Phaedra said...

I just ran across your blog when I googled you after hearing your latest song on the radio. I was so pumped to hear your name, after thinking how familiar the voice sounded! I'm getting ready to download your cd off itunes this moment! I'm happy to hear of your success and we'll keep you in our prayers as you get your next album out and get ready for the summer festivals! Will you be singing at Creation this year?

Don't know if you remember me from back in the Edinboro Camp days! What a long time ago that was! I see you've got a toddler boy now as well (I have a 14 monther)- what an exciting age! Anyway, God bless you, Aaron, and good luck. Let me know if your tour schedule ever brings you to Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

Yey! Goooooo! PENGUINS! I'm a BURGH-Girl so I'm Supporting My Hometomn-Ice Hockey Team-& Thanks Aaron-For Your Songs-With such Pittsburg-Pride & Spirit-& The Penguins-Going For the Stanley Cup-HOORAY! I knew WORD-FM-101.5 was Going to Contact You-Because They were excited About Your Home-Grown Team-Support-Songs-So Glad you Supplied the Added INPIRATION !Did you know You helped Give the Penguins an EXTRA BOOST to Win-Standing Behind them ? Pittsburgh Salutes You! And By the Way Word-FM-101.5-Streams its Christian Music-Radio Show Over the INTERNET-So Listen To it! Pittsburgh's Proud of You-"BURGH Boy" & WE Love The LORD, Jesus MOST of ALL! Bonnie And The PITTSBURGH-PENGUINS-'s Throngs Of FANS-GOOOOOOOOO! PENGUINS!

Andy and Miranda - In Him said...

Hi Aaron,
Although we haven't commented in a while, we're still reading!
Things have been really busy with our Spring and Summer event schedule, as we're sure you understand as a fellow artist. :)
Even though we're not from PA, we love both versions of "Burgh Boy"! Maybe I'll have to write a song about Michigan... :(
Stay in touch, and sorry that we'll miss ya at Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord. :( Last we heard you'd be there?

Andy and Miranda - In Him

Anonymous said...

Love to see your support of the BURGH! The Steelers hold the key to my home:} Really enjoying Whispered and Shouted...Watch Over Me has just helped me through a very overwhelming year of Home Shcool for the first time with my 3 little ladies. Thank you for your work. Keeping praising the LORD!!

Anonymous said...

Well-The Penguins need our Prayers And Continued Enthusiasm-To help Them win the next Game at the Mellon Arena-in Downtown,Pittsburgh-They are Good-Guys So Keep them in your Prayers!(Ryan Malone is the son of one of My Highschool Classmates-The Formerly Named,Diana Smith-Who married Greg Malone-another Pittsburgh-PENGUIN,Who Played On The TEAM-Years-Ago! Aaron-How Did You Manage to Produce 2 VERSIONS- Of BURGH BOY? You never stop AMAZING ME!I Wish you Still Lived Here near PITTSBURGH ! WE Are Missing you-constantly,so Visit Here all You Can!--GO_! MIGHTY- PENGUINS! From: >>>>> Your Devoted

pinhofamily said...

Patrick and I enjoyed hearing Burgh Boy again. It took us back to good ole TFC days. Check out our blog to see the results of hearing it in our house. Zachary sure enjoyed the song just as much as we did.

Camille said...

I just heard your 'Burgh Boy (Penguins version) on WordFM. WOW! I absolutely LOVE it. Though I grew up in the Philadelphia area and still have family there, my husband, three children and I are proud to say we live in Greensburg, near the 'burgh! (I attended Duquesne University, but moved back to the Philly area after college.)I treasure my Philly background, but love my life near the 'burgh and after 14 years of living here, can appreciate all the wonderful things mentioned in your song. THANKS! Awesome song!

Imprinted Pens said...

I love Pittsburgh too. I was so excited for this. Thanks for the free download link!


Joe said...

it's impossible for me to explain how great this is. for reasons not clearly understood by man- it makes me tear up