Monday, May 26, 2008

To San Diego and Back

...via Nashville. 

It's amazing how small this world can seem at times...i had eggs and bacon this morning in San Diego and a couple hours later, I've landed in Nashville, driven to Atlanta and I'm back in my living room.  I've sat down all day.  Not my favorite way to spend a Memorial Day, I missed my family's get together at my brother's house :(, but I have to tell you, it was good to play again.  It's been a month since tour ended, and to get on stage and sing to the Spirit West Coast crowd was a sweet reminder of why I love what I do.  To share the stage with three of my closest and dearest friends, Josh, Duffy and Scotty and sing the worthiness of God along with a couple thousand people who feel the same way about Him as we do, is a great thing.  I'm privileged that I get to use my own words to do that and honored that you would sing along!  

Thank you, oh Southern Californians for bearing with my sinus issues as I sang 'Batchless' and 'By Savior By God'.   I'm glad to inform you that I seem to be getting better.   Come to the Monterey show, I should be all cleared up by then.   God bless!


Aaron Shust said...

that's a picture i took of Duffy overlooking the Pacific Sunset at Delmar. on the cell phone.

Mayra said...

Aaron, thanx for the update friend! i was starting to get j/k. anyways, i hope your sinus' don't cause you too much trouble.

Joy said...

You didn't sound like you were saying "Batchless" nor "By Savior live"! It was great to hear you in person again! It's always nice to see people who even know about TFC let alone went there too! That happens very infrequently here in San Diego! Don't be a stranger to this coast! Thanks for being God's servant! God impacted my life through you more than you know yesterday!

Anonymous said...

My brothers & I Made a Cross-Country-Car Trip to View The Lovely Pacific Ocean Years Ago-It Was A Highlight of MY LIFE-Did you Get to Visit Many Beaches Or TOURIST Spots? Oh-The SEAFOOD Was Incredible-There! YUMMY! Aaron-We miss you-So Blog Often-I'm GLAD we Can Be-One In The SPIRIT-NO matter Where We Are-At a CONCERT of YOURS Or Chatting ON Your BLOG-Are You Going To Be sad over THE PENGUINS Losing Again? Wish We Could Start a Chatline-That we Could Leave Messages to You on-Can You Create One? This Seems so DETACHED & INPERSONAl-Andy And Miranda Have one-& Brandon Heath- {C'mon-We want to Really Communicate-With You . PLEASE? Don't Be Shy! You Really aren't 50-Percent "INTROVERTED"- At ALL ! :) :) If you Think so We'll Help You Get Over it. Say Hello to Scotty-Duffy-& Josh- From Us- {Me-Bonnie, And my 3 older Brothers ]

Shaun Groves said...

I was just sitting here writing an incredible song I'll use to mock you at all of my shows.* It's pretty stellar so far. Really. And, anywho, I decided to see if you had a blog. And - what do you know? - you do. Welcome to the blogosphere.

We should share a funnel cake at a festival this summer, or something. We must hang again.

*Joking, of course.


Melody Joy Francis said...

Hey Aaron,
How are you? Glad to hear you made it back to the east safely! I was wondering if you would consider doing a show at my alma mater, Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit (Northeastern, PA.....about 15 minutes north of Scranton.) They do a big concert each Spring, we had Phil Keaggy my Sophomore year (2003) and Shane and Shane this year. If you could leave me a comment or email me about who I would need to get in touch with for booking if you'd be willing to come in either April 2009, or April 2010, that would be awesome! Thanks a million, and God bless! Hope you are enjoying your "down time' with your lil family. Your son is absolutely adorable by the way. Have a great night.
~Melody (

Aaron Shust said...

hey MJF
i put a booking link on my home page...but i also let my mngr know about your request: thanks!

Mayra said...

you're in Texas today!! if you were closer i would so0o0o go see ya =/