Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grazie Radio

We went to church last night (Saturday) at Perimeter so today we drove up to see my parents and hang out with them and Joel and Chelsea, our good friends from the Pittsburgh area, my true home.  Joel has an incredible ministry going up there, working to bring an overlooked area and people to restoration.  

I was listening to X&Y on the way up for about half a song and decided that since it was Sunday, I'd fill my mind with some good solid Bible thumping music.  So I "turned the dial" (pushed a button) to 104.7 The Fish here in Atlanta.  Sarah and I tried to figure out who covered God of Wonders cause it sure didn't sound like Mac and Caedmon's.  About 3 songs in, "Watch Over Me" came on!  I was so excited cause I'd never heard it on the radio before!  Primarily because I mainly listen to CDs in the car...regardless, I was thrilled!  I turned it up to hear how it translated on the radio waves (if the low end was lost, blah blah blah) and I was pleased with how it sounded.  

I really don't ever read the charts or see "how I'm doing", because it takes my focus of why I'm doing what I'm doing and gives me insecure mood swings.  I figure that when I stop getting offers to play for people, I'll know it's over, and in the meanwhile, I'll keep doing my best.  My Dad keeps me posted on good news anyway!  :)  He told me today that Watch Over Me and Give Me Words To Speak were Both on this week's 20 the Countdown Magazine and that if Give Me Words stayed on for 2 more weeks, it will have been in the top 20 for a full year!  Incredible!  Thank you, Jon Rivers!  I like people telling me the good news: my skin is too thin for me to sift through all the bad news myself to try to find good stuff (human validation). 

Anyhow, I heard Watch Over Me on the Fish Again on the way home...and I heard myself singing those words: "I was broken, every prayer that I had spoken..." and I told Sarah, "What an honor!  Those are my thoughts!  How cool that radio stations would allow me to address their audience!" 

I thank GOD, and I thank YOU for listening and for caring and for supporting me, to give me opportunity to share what God has whispered to me, with you! 


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Shust,
Hey I'm the first one again, actually by the time I'm done with this I might not be.
I love to read you writtings, even if they are just on a blog. You write in such a way that the people that read your writtings can feel your emotions with you. At least I can, and I'm sure that everyone else that reads your stuff would agree with me. You are so honest and humble, you are just a joy to hear from. I would LOVE to meet and spend some time with you one day. Unfortunately I live on the Detroit side of Michigan and you don't come here often, and when you do I usually don't hear about it until your gone. Anyway, I love to read you writings and would absolutely LOVE to meet and spend time with you, and I'm sure eveyone else that reads this blog would agree with me.

Hope to meet you someday,

Chris said...


I think many of us would say, "Thank you", for putting words to our thoughts and our spirits' groanings. Thanks.

Laura E said...

God is whispering through you, and you are shouting through the airwaves! God bless you!

Julia said...

I love this post!!! I love how you keep yourself humble Aaron. It makes me smile.

I was at Kathryn Schlichting's wedding shower at St. Ives yesterday, and while she was opening gifts I thought I heard your voice...and I leaned over to the girl next to me and said "I hear Aaron." The owner of the home spoke up and said "Oh...I'm playing the Fish." Everyone proceeded to tell how much they love your music. It made me happy.

So the Fish is giving you props I suppose!!!

Mayra said...

Hey! I also listen to the 20 countdown magazine!! Awesome, I have something in common with your dad. I hope the work on your new album is coming along well!!

Melody Joy Francis said...

Hi my Name is Joel Francis
and I am 11 years old. My big sister let me post this from her site.) I like your song with the toy piano in it. I really like your music. Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Shust - Aaron if I may - for sharing your singing and writing gifts with us. You will never know how your songs touch each of us in such a different way - one that's important in it's own way to each one of us.
Thank you, thank God!


Anonymous said...

I'm Glad your Dad-Is Up to Date on CCM-Music! My Father Knows absolute> ZILCH About it & Only Cares about the Old Church-Hymns.I Won Free Tickets to Several Christian Concerts And He Didn't Know Who ANY of The Featured CCM-Artists were!He Might Recognize A Face-From Watching Billy Graham-Crusades on TV! Tennessee Ernie Ford -Or Johnny Cash-He Knows Their Hymns-That"s Not Too Bad! But If YOU, Aaron- try to "ReKord" A CD-Mimicking Johnny Cash's Voice-He'll be a Loyal Fan Forever!Who Else Can You Sing Like? Elvis Presley? Let us Guess & Then YOU Impersonate them-O.K.? It Will Be Fun! Just TEASING YOU-HERE) :) :) :) Can You Joke Around With Us?????

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole~
I met him once and he is just as nice as you think he should be. Very humble and sweet!! I hope you do also get to meet him one day? Of course though seeing him in concert is truly amazing! (scott is really sweet too!!