Monday, June 16, 2008

Outpost Advance

Every year starting in 2002, I look forward to a retreat of sorts with some of my dearest friends I've ever encountered on this planet, since my days growing up in Western PA.  We call it the Outpost.  What started out as a simple getaway and some well needed rest and renewal with 4 of us, has turned into an annual event for no more that 30 men ranging from ages 19 to 65, who have either lived life together closely, or who are dear friends of some of us, who are brave enough to enter into a community where love and a desire for growth abound.  

We eat more food, thanks to TJ Witterman, than I can handle.  16oz steaks that have no equal, his mom's recipe for mashed potatoes, Chicken Philly Subs, skillet breakfasts and more.   We white water raft, we hiked the Appalachian Trail (not all of it) we even had a contest to see who could stay in a pool of spring fed water (45 degrees!) the longest.  The polar bear club competition.   

But we also have incredible times of worship (men singing loudly is something to hear!) and conversations about being restored to God, reconciled to each other and reconnected with creation.  

I so look forward to this time of rest and renewal every year.   We ended it on Father's day and I and my brother were blessed to have our Dad with us and after we all took communion on Sunday morning we prayed together for our Dads and they prayed for us, some of US new dads.  Then I drove home and saw the kid who made ME a dad!   It was a good weekend! 


Julia said...

We went to The Bridge this Sunday and they did was really fun! The guy singing it seems so nervous and he sang the last lines of the verses all different. It was cute :) We were thinking of you and Hayden wanted to text you...but didn't know if you'd be in church somewhere!

Have a great week! :)

Mayra said...

Cool Weekend!!

Anonymous said...

It's Great!- you seemed to have Had a Super Wonderful Time of Fellowship-My Father still hangs out with his High-school Buddies-Who are like REAL Brothers-Being Christians-!They travel-on trips together & love eating Steaks-too,they go hiking-& Visit State and National Parks-Friendship Makes Bonds & Wonderful Fellowship-Sounds Like You REALLY Enjoyed Yourselves ! It's a Remarkable-Father's-Day-Tradition-being Friends in the Lord, Forever--- Love,Bonnie & My DAD-Harry-Thanks for Sharing Aout the Outpost- :)

Mayra said...

Thank you for your input! I really appreciate it. I actually did get baptized on Easter and some of my family came to my church to support me. My dad now approves of my decision and my mom is slowly coming around! =)

Dan said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Haven't done something like that in a long time, and it sure beat my weekend, which basically was me lying down doing nothing recovering from surgery.

Hope all goes well with your upcoming shows!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I Took the Time To View -"The Outpost"{ spiritual advance-Web Pages on their Website}-Looks Like You could Have Great Adventures! Trekking in the SPIRIT Of A Sacred Trek-with Fellow Believers! Wow!Hope You Find More Mountaineer-Pioneers & Hikers to Join With The Group.Thanks for Enlightening Us ! Great IDEAS for Fellowship.(Wishing You Many Good Times In The Future-Outpost-Gatherings!)

GOD Bless-YOU GUYS ! :)