Monday, July 14, 2008


Happy Bastille Day

I've heard integrity described as consistency in one's actions, regardless of circumstance.  I'm still working on that.   This is an embarrassing blog to write: not proud of it.  But it's a good lesson I believe.

Yesterday morning at the BWI airport we had two people working on checking in our baggage.  The lady was sweet and the gentleman was not very helpful, he looked rather bothered when anyone asked for help.  He ended up giving us a hard time about our luggage...which, long story short, I didn't feel was consistent, so I expressed my frustration in a moment of impatience.  Don't get me wrong: I didn't cuss at the guy or anything...i just intentionally revealed my disappointment. 

Then after we got my credit cared back (that got charged considerably more than it did the day before for the same exact bags) she said, "I think I have one of your CDs."


Why did I act differently than I would have if I had met those people the night before at the concert?  (I even treat the people who tell me my merchandise is too expensive kindly)  The point is: It doesn't matter if you don't have your own CD.  It doesn't matter if you're not Billy Graham himself.  When you least expect it, someone may know who you are and watch you act un-Christ-like.  Or even if no one knows you, you may squelch an opportunity for God to speak to one of His children through you!  Kinda like I did yesterday morning .

God forgive me.


Mommy of Three said...

Ouch. I think we all need frequent reminders that we are held to higher standards as Christians...that to call yourself "Christian", you are litterally defining yourself as a "little Christ." Sometimes it's hard to find the patience to keep persisting, and sometimes it takes reminders like this to help us remember Who we are representing.
God bless

Anonymous said...

Someone is always watching - for the way to follow you to Christ, or for the reason not to. It is hard sometimes to remember this, but we have each had those moments. You've reminded all of us to be aware of our actions and our words. Thanks for the reminder.


Mayra said...

Wow, I'm a history major, and I had no idea that yesterday was Bastille day! lol.

I agree that we must always be Christ like because we may lose an oppurtunity to witness, but you are human. Don't beat yourself too much. You are only human...

I hope that you feel better tommorow because His mercies are new every morning!

Romans 8:1

Laura E said...

Such a good reminder. Thank you for being humble enough to remind me of that this morning.

Anonymous said...

I was Recently Accosted at my Front Door By a Drunken Man-Who was Verbally Abusive-So I Told Him My Property was Posted-And He'd Better Leave-Now! Only Later We Heard he was Disturbing Others This SAME Way-So Sometimes You Have To Act Fast-Not Always Seeming to act in a Christian MANNER-To Avoid Potentially A Very Bad Event From Happening- IF you were Pressed For Time Getting to A CONCERT,Aaron-Forgive YOURSELF,It's Understandable-Your Time Is A Precious Gift-Don't Let Others Force you to Waste it-On Trivial Matters. Lately Everyone Is OVERCHARGING Their Customers,That is A Real PAIN ! But We Should All Pray For The Economy To Improve-So We Don't Get EATEN ALIVE By Outrageous PRICES ! Let God Give Us All More PATIENCE,Through The Coming Trials We Must All Endure- God BE WITH US ALL !!! Bonnie

Before WE Act with WORDS-WE Should Go to JESUS & Ask HIM FOR WISDOM-To Give Us The Strength To Do And SAY The Right Thing,Even If It is Difficult And Exasperates Our Patience.

Nan said...

Hey Aaron!
It was so funny. I was just telling your dad about a similar situation I had at the airport recently and he told me to check your site for your recent blog.

We as Christians are always in the spotlight and why do we mess up the opprotunity to shine for Christ when things are tough?

I appreciate your honesty in this situation and how you responded. It happens to all of us, right? Even though you may not have responded like you feel you should have, God can still use it to impact the lives of other people.

I've always loved your song, "Give me words to speak", but I am really loving "Watch over me". It's a blessing for my girls and I to hear you on the radio so often.


Nan Payne, aka "your Daddy's assistant"

Della said...

Well At least Your bags Got to their intended Destination- On Twitter> Brandon Heath Said His BAGGAGE Went to Las Vegas While He was Flying to Orlando- Florida :( No Fresh Clothes For POOR BRANDON ! See, Aaron You're not The ONLY one Going Through AIRLINE MADNESS! Cheer Up :) Della

Dan said...

Thanks for sharing that to serve as a reminder for us. I travel about 25% of the time for work, and it is quite easy to get upset at airline workers after lost baggage, so many rules, and 5hr+ delays...

Acts 20:24 always helps to put things in perspective.

Matthew Neal said...

Hey big time! At least be thankful that they didn't mark your ticket for extra security screening as they did for my wife not long ago as we traveled through FLL with two kids.

It's your kids that really make you aware of how utterly easy it is to be a great example of how not to have integrity - disciplining them to do one thing while you yourself are in the same boat.

Glad you're doing well. Miss playing with you. We'll actually be coming to see you at the end of next month in Peoria....let me know if you need a sound check.


Del said...

Thank you for sharing that story. It is a good reminder.

But speaking of Bastille Day, I was at the Bastille Day celebration in Paris before the start of language school. Check out my blog here for pictures and video of the fireworks at the tour Eiffel.