Thursday, July 24, 2008

Misplaced Praise

I had a great time filling in for Steve Fee and getting to play with the rest of the band earlier this week.  A great bunch of High School students, those Grace Brethren.   Steve's little boy, Price, was having surgery and Steve asked if I would fill in for a couple sessions at the conference while he was with his family in the hospital.  All turned out well!

When I got home to my family, we had a special little time with all three of us playing "tent" on the bed.  I hide under a blanket with Daniel and he smiles and shakes cause he's so excited and calls out in a sing-song voice, "MAHH-mee!"  Then Sarah sneaks up on us and tickles his belly.  It's a rather fun game, because he has a blast.  Therefore we do.  Once we were all lounging together, I started singing a lullaby I wrote for him when he missed his mommy one time called "Oh Mommy

The strange thing was, as I sang it (about Mommy) he kept looking at me and saying "Daddy! Daddy!"  I kept interrupting my lyric saying "no, this is about Mommy"  Then Sarah sang it and replaced "Mommy" with "Daddy"  BUT, when she was singing "Oh Daddy" he would look at her and say "Mommy!  Mommy!"  (did you follow that?)

It made me think: we often misplace our praise: we'll praise the SINGER and not the OBJECT of the song!  Just like Daniel did.  He was so enraptured by the fact that i was singing, that he would clap and yell my name, and missed the fact that I was singing about "mommy."    We can get so enamored with our favorite artist that we praise the unworthy instead of the Worthy.  
I just thought it was interesting.


Mayra Bunny said...

what a cute story!!!

I also agree with the "misplaced praise"

I was bummed a couple of days ago because I wasn't gonna be able to go to Brandon Heath's cd release party/praise session/autograph signing thing becuase I have to attend Resident Assistant training, but then I started thinking about how I wanted to go for the wrong reasons...I primarily wanted to meet him and the worship session was secondary in my mind which I now realize is wrong!

Anyways, your story has perfect timing and Daniel is so0o0o0o0o cute!!!!!


Mayra Bunny said...

p.s. Fee is cool! I've been following them with the Passion movement and they did an awesome job at celebrate freedom.

suchimpulse said...

That is so true - we were just talking about that tonight at planning meeting - how sometimes when we're driving to work - praying - and oh - a great worship song comes on the radio - and we stop praying to sing along - but are we just enjoying the music or are we praising God?


Anonymous said...

Surely is a Charming Family Story You Shared of The 3 of You Having Fun-Giggles..& Singing Songs....YES- WORSHIP These Days Seems Complicated when it really Should Be as Free And Simple, AS The Bible Story of Jesus Singing a Hymn With His Apostles And Then they Went Out Together,Ministering,His HYMN didn't MAKE the TOP CHRISTIAN Hits That Week! Somehow we did Lose Our Focus-What Happened, and What Is The THING that WE MADE it ? When It Is ALL About You,Lord Jesus-We're Sorry We Re invented Worship-Our EGOS Got In >>> When WE REALLY Should Be HUMBLE And Reverent Before YOU- And We Should Diminish And FOCUS Totally On YOU,LORD- PLEASE HELP US See You As-Our ONE Source-" Lord Of All" (We're Sorry-)

Phaedra said...

It's so true about the misplaced praise. That's a wonderful analogy. I've found that to be a danger in my own life - getting caught up with the music, and forgetting WHO it is I'm supposed to be worshipping! It's so easy to get ourselves caught up in the obvious and miss the message.

Your son is adorable, by the way! I love these toddler years, and I'm reminding myself of enjoying these moments after a long wakeful night with a molar-teething 16 month old!

God bless you, Aaron, you're in our prayers and thanks for the music. Tell your family I say hello!

faithful said...

I was at youth conference this year and I just wanted to thank you so much for singing and being an inspiration to us all. This story is very cute and is exactly what you and Francis Chan preached to us the first night of conference. Your songs really struck my heart this week and has helped me grow in my walk with God. Thank you for challenging us to not just sing, but to think about the words and the meaning behind them. You also challenged us to give our whole heart to God and it was a challenge that I had to take you up on. The week was amazing and I hope that you can get a chance to come next year for conference and sing as well.

belle said...

Thanks so much for being willing to step in for Fee - I really appreciated worship those first few days at Momentum. I've enjoyed your music for several years - but I'll definitely be following you a bit closer. Not in the spirit of misplacing my praise (!), but because I see the evidence of Christ in you, the hope of glory. Thanks for being more than a musician - thanks for being a worship leader. God is good.

Julia said...

I am in love with that picture of Daniel...he is soooooo cute! I can't wait to see what the next one will be :)

So the other day I was playing around in Pandora, and I entered the "David Crowder Channel" and guess who the FIRST artist was that came up? YOU! They played come to me, it was a great song to hear for my morning worship time. Thanks for writing that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song!

andra said...

you;re kid is so cute!!! :)