Friday, July 18, 2008

Pour Some Sugar on the Stillness of My Heart

Josh and I played a cool stripped down set in Susanville, CA at the County Fair Wednesday.   We played at 8:00 or something in the Grandstand area, where they race cars.  We had a small kit set up, a keyboard and two acoustic guitars for us to hop around on.   I had been hearing this band play from somewhere across the fairgrounds through the course of the day, during sound check and what not.   I thought they sounded pretty good.  They obviously had a couple different singers...a guy sometimes, a girl others.   By the time we played, we were the last set of the day.   While the promoter was introducing me, he asked me if we were ready.  It was really casual, so I just asked him off microphone if that other band was almost done...cause they were still rockin it.  He said he was pretty sure they must be almost done.  So we started into a few songs nice and loudly, as loud as two guys can get, not being Nelson.  By the time we got to "Stillness" I stopped to talk about how God quite often speaks through silence and quiet...but I couldn't help notice that the sounds of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" were echoing throughout the park while I was talking.   And even on into the song which was extra special during those quiet intimate moments. 

It turns out it wasn't a band at all.  It was the mechanical bull that was just on the other side of the Grandstand.  

Awesome.  I told the crowd it was kinda like this commercial...but bad. 


Anonymous said...

LOL - I wish I had been there to hear it! Stillness is a beautiful song, and your comparison to the commercial is right on - who knows - maybe someone listening to the sugar song heard your song and was curious about it!


Anonymous said...

I was at this concert and I can tell you that worship happened over the "Pour Some Sugar". Great concert and thank you to leading me to a great place of worship that night

Mayra Bunny said...

haha! that's really funny.

I can't believe you recalled that commercial...I don't think I've ever seen it (well, besides right now).

Anonymous said...

I can Imagine That Scenario-You Described-Very Comedic-But Funnier Still Would be-To SEE you in a Video As a RODEO Cow-Boy Riding That Mechanical BULL ! Gosh-You're A Creative Comedy-Ready to HAPPEN at Any Moment-LOL! Keep Bringing it On! Buckeroo ! And-I'm Jealous That You Are GOING on 2 Alaskan-CRUISES This YEAR-WOW ! You're Living the AMERICAN DREAM ! LOVE- Della

Anonymous said...

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Remember that old-Doo-Wop-Song-" In THE STILL of THE NIGHT "-That's Another-one-That's MEMORABLE-A real Cool -Stick In the Mind - Tune ( I Wish There were More Moments of Stillness & Serenity-To Hear GOD Whispering to US! :>) Bonnie


THANKS for The EFFORT You MAKE-Aaron ! YOU Are A Comedian Besides a MuSICian !


Anonymous said...

Oh-That's Cute-You Twittered that -U-R>>> Cutting Grass-Make Sure to get Plenty of NAPS to Make up For The Times You were SLeep Deprived-Early Morning Flights Will Zap Your Energy- So Get Plenty of ZzZzZzZZzzzz-SNOOZES Good-Night ! Sleep Tight! And Don't Let the Bed Bugs Come Home in Your Luggage-From infested Motel Rooms- Watch Out! They Really Bite! -And Take Care,Always Aaron,WE'll keep you in Our Prayers

Laura E said...

I can just hear it, "Hold me tightly in your arms and never..." "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME"


You're's just like that Pepsi commercial. ha!

Dan said...

How do you remember this stuff? Lol. I think I put my memories of pepsi blue right next to the long forgotten memory of Crystal Pepsi :)

Anonymous said...


I was at the concert that night. I have to agree with one of the above comments. When I entered into worship, I couldn't hear anything else, but praises to God. Thank you for letting God use you that night. It was a great concert.

Anonymous said...

I was at this concert, too and I believe the crowd was truly taken to a place of worship that night. In fact, it was amazing seeing everyone from the different churches gathered together singing praises to our Savior.

cory-lynn said...

It was hilarious but God moved regardless of the mechanical bull music! We appreciate so much that you (and Josh) took the time to come to our little town. My two sons loved every minute of the concert! We are playing your cd even as I type and you have new "praying friends" in Susanville that will continue to pray for your ministry. Thanks!
The Lopez Family

Percilla said...

Yes, that was a great moment and I enjoyed your concert so much. Your songs are beautifull and the stories behind them that you shared with us, make them more special. Thank you and enjoyed you, hope you will come again.