Friday, August 22, 2008

Alaska Encore

I had the privilege of going back to Seattle and hopping on yet another Holland America cruise ship (the Oosterdam this time...pronounced (OH) as in "toast")  This time, not with the band but with some good friends in the business, Bebo, his partner in crime Gabe Scott who plays ever instrument ever invented, Matthew West, comedian Bob Smiley, former Newsboy Phil Joel, CCM great Wayne Watson and myself.  Solo artist style.  Those of us married brought our wives and even Matthew, Emily, Phil and Heather brought their kiddos, who just brightened everyone's days.   
I've played with my band for so long that when I had to do 75-90 minutes by myself, I nearly had a nervous breakdown on stage.  I need to relearn how to stand on stage and feel comfortable with the inevitable silences that happen when there's no Scotty backing me up with the beautiful sound of harmonizing whales.  

Speaking of whales, we saw a school of orca and a pod of humpbacks fishing for Herring with their bubble nets.  Our tour guides were even amazed!

Thanks to Jon Robberson for inviting us on the cruise and for the photos!


Mayra Bunny said...

Oh my gosh Aaron! Is your wife pregnant? If she is then CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Thanx for the update...Bet the cruise was a whole lotta fun

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I also found it interesting to hear you talk about being on stage alone versus with the band. I would like to see you perform in person sometime - with the band or without! I'm going go see when you're going to be in Chicago next!

Thanks for the pictures! And as Mayra said - congratulations!


Mayra Bunny said...

Praying for your writing session friend!

Dan said...

Praying all goes well in ATL!

Anonymous said...

We're glad You're Back,Really! Us Poor Folks,Never Being on an Alaskan Cruise Will just be content watching Sea-Faring-Movies like Moby Dick,with Gregory Peck(The Ornery Capt. Bligh ) or 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea,with Kirk Douglas-Or Perhaps, The Fascinating-Adventure, "Whale Rider" Film,made in New Zealand ! Those Films besides "The PIRATES of The Caribbean" are the Ones-Sure To Bring Some Smiles, :0 Oh Aaron,Thanks For Sharing Your Voyages With Us,Plus + The Lovely Photos- : )