Thursday, September 11, 2008

Create Again

I have a new song from Whispered and Shouted that got added to Radio last week.  My Dad told me that 4 stations added it, so that's pretty cool: thank you!  
Create Again is the name and I wrote it on a day when I resonated with David in Psalm 51, "Create in me a clean heart, Oh Lord my God, and renew a right spirit within me."  I looked around outside, where I was standing, and marveled, if you will, at the trees and the colors and a sunset and felt the breeze and everything pointed to His creative hand and I thought, "If God can create all this, surely He'll create a new heart in me if I ask."   This song is a plea to the Creator to be the breath that we breathe and our very lifeblood: the essence of our being. 

If you like it, call your local Christian Radio Station and ask if they wouldn't mind giving it a spin.  (but don't tell them I sent you ;) )  

ya'll are the best.  Hope the song is Truth for you, even if it's not on the radio.


Anonymous said...

Love that song. You ever coming up north, say Boston?

Mayra Bunny said...

I belong to the KSBJ listener panel, and after EVERY weekly survey that I take I say in the comments sect. that they need to play some more of you, lol!

Create Again is an awesome song and I'm glad it's gonna hit the radio soon.

Latley it has been my prayer...

If you never hear from me again then it means that Hurricane Ike got me and the rest of Houston, but lets pray that the storm will weaken before it hits us!!! =/

Mayra Bunny said...

Thanx for stopping by! =)

I am hunkering down at a local shelter right now....Hopefully, all will be well.

Anonymous said...

I Will Call In To My Local 101.5 Fm---Just Because You're So Nice,So Thoughtful & Tenderhearted Towards All ! Pray For Any Who Must Deal With Hurricane IKE---Flooding Will Certainly Follow his path-You're A Good Guy,Brother Aaron, And Deserve The Best Friends,Ever, Standing Behind You ! ; ) Right Back At You ! Mr. A ,Love Ya !

Dan said...

Will call in to my local Star 991. FM here in NJ/NY.

Hope you get home ok from Chicago!

andra said...

I listened to this song all week long but I didn't know it was on the radio in the US.
I even have it as a ringtone on my mobile phone.

It would be awesome to hear from you!
Have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally made it! What a long drive, and by yourself! Listened to Create Again - it's beautiful and has such a great message!


Aaron said...

I noticed you posted that only 2 people know of your blog. I'll admit to only seeing it because my wife is into the whole blogging thing and has a link to you on her blog. Hope to see you up in North California again someday!

Jeff C. said...


Create Again is the best song on the album and one of the best Christian songs I've ever heard. What makes your songs so great is that they are really prayers, I often pray Give Me Words, Create Again and More Wonderful. I have bombarded KLOVE with requests for more Aaron Shust and Create Again specifically, to no avail...shame on them. I guess really cool artists only get one song per album on KLOVE...their loss. Hope you come back to Fresno, you'll have a packed house!

Aaron Shust said...

Thanks Jeff! Glad you like Create Again so much! and I totally appreciate you calling KLOVE and asking for it. Even if they don't play it, your request is noted. :)

And dude, I love Fresno! I'm putting together a tour for the Spring, talk to your church and see if they wouldn't be interested in bringing me out again! I have contact info on my home blog page...and all over the place actually.

Thanks again man: very encouraging!

morningglory12 said...

I love this song.