Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Going To Disney World!

Actually, I've been here for a day.  Sarah, Daniel and I flew down yesterday from Atlanta (you can't work at Disney and not bring your family!) and our Disney Tour Guide, Mark Carter met us at the airport and drove us to our hotel at Disney.  He offered to take us to the parks and get us on some of the rides without waiting in line...and how do say 'no' to that?!   So after Daniel woke up from his long-overdue nap and we grabbed some dinner in the room, we headed out to Epcot Center and I got to ride on SOARIN' (Daniel was too short), but then took Daniel over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends and Daniel had a blast hanging out with Crush and seeing a TON of fish.  He loves fish.  Then we got a front row seat of the Epcot fireworks display, I think Daniel equated Mark with a lot of fun, because he took to him like he does Few strangers...held his hand, wanted to be held By him the entire fireworks display and even gave him a hug afterward.  I think Daniel thought Mark Made the fireworks.  Check out the video

This morning I had a live radio interview on Z88.3, then did a TV interview and played on Fox Orlando's Morning Show!  They had some technical difficulties however, so they're going to air the song tomorrow morning (Sept 5th) and they're going to post it online: check it out: it might be good.  dunno.

Anyhow, if Hanna let's us, we're going to go to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom tomorrow before the shows on Saturday.  Night of Joy baby!  I love Disney World.


Mayra Bunny said...

Daniel is so0o0o adorable. I love how he was saying goodbye to the fireworks.

Night of Joy sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I was there....

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a great time! and have some great memories for all of you to remember.


andra said...

Have fun in Disney World!

I love the videos.
Btw...we have the song "My Savior My God" in romanian.
I could send you the lyrics and you come to Romania and sing this song in romanian. :)

What do you say?

Anonymous said...

hey- Fun times Are Here ! DisneyWorld Is The Epitomy Of Family Joy And Togetherness!(Glad You Had a BLAST.) I got BRANDON Heath's-New CD & Listened To It The Same Day You Did- On Brandon Heath Day- At My House,Too ! Was delighted With The Songs,Very Moving & They Tou ched Me,Deeply Emotionally-Looks Like We Both Enjoy The Same Musical Tastes,Also Love Jaci Velasquez & Bebo,Toby Mac,Third Day,The Fee & Many Others...I'm The Person Who Has Listened To Almost All The Best CCM-Music Over The Past 2 Decades,& got To Meet Lots Of The Top Artists,But You Are Very Unique,& DistinctiveThere's No One Like You ! In Jesus' Love--- Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron - I'm wondering if you are still sick - I haven't seen any blogs since you said you were sicker than a dog - hope you are feeling better!


Howard Shepherd said...

I watched your interview and listened to you singing 'My Savior My God' and I'm blessed everytime I listen. Your music has lifted me up!