Monday, September 1, 2008

Leaving Peoria. Leaving Summer.

It's September 1st.  Summer is over.  Well, not by calendar/astrological standards, the Autumnal Equinox doesn't occur for another 21 days, but come on.  Summer's over and we all know it. 

We played at Northminster Church in Peoria, IL last night on their baseball field, set up at home plate.  It was very cool.  3,500 Peorians and other varied Illini showed up and stayed out late, on the eve of Labor Day.  We played a 75 minute set (76 actually) and despite some technical difficulties earlier in the day, the show went off with only a couple hitches (Like having no vocal in my ears for the first half of Give It All Away).   The crowd was fantastic, I think they had a good time, and they were ready to sing!

We got to the hotel around 11pm, i took a bath (which i guess you're not 'supposed' to do at hotels, cause that's gross, my wife tells me...but i really wanted a bath) then set the alarm and got a wake up call for 3:30 this morning.  Hotels don't even Provide coffee that early.  

After landing at the airport, I was giving Duffy a ride home in my Jeep, but I couldn't find my parking ticket.  The toll booth lady had to look me up, I told her I was only parked for a day.  She told me (10 minutes later) that I had been there for 3 days.  I said that I hadn't.   She said that I had.  So I backed out and searched my luggage again and finally found it.  The ticket said 8/31, not 8/29.  That was a close one.  

Home again.  Drinking coffee (finally) out of my Cafe Du Monde mug, and my thoughts turn toward New Orleans.  Pray!


andra said...

yeah...summer is over. :(

Aaron, guess what am I listening to?
I'm listening to your song "Can't Hide From Your Love".
I love your music. :)

Hope you have a great day!'s Daniel doing? He's sooooo cute.

God bless!

The Pitts family said...

I can't speak for all our church members but I can for my family. We loved being there last night. To see that field filled with families - kids playing ball; toddlers dancing and all of us singing was priceless. You didn't notice but above the stage was one sole star the entire night. As the night darkened more appeared but that one shone brightest! My friend commented how cool that was. HIS light was there in that place!!

Thanks for coming and God bless you and your families!

The Pitts family (David, Susan, Chaz, Brandon and Catherine (with a C!).

Mayra Bunny said...

Cool video! I've never been on a plane so it was kinda cool to see your POV of takeoff.

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

We are not members of the church you visited in Peoria, but are great fans of the local Christian radio station and of your music! Thank you so much for a wonderful night with my family! The sky, the music, the people, all beautiful! Couldn't have asked for more! And a special thank you for staying so long to meet and sign autographs, it made my kid's day! We're so thrilled you shared your gift and your time with us!

Lily and Dax's mom

Julia said...

I always feel like summer is over after my birthday...I think that goes back to childhood when school started the week after. That's OK I LOVE fall, and FOOTBALL!!!

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Thanks for stopping in and commenting on the blog! Lily could hardly contain her excitment at our celebrity visitor!

Congratulations on your new little guy on the way! Life with two little boys is quite exciting!

TheErinB said...

The last day of summer goes down in my book as one of the best ways to celebrate it! I had a blast promoting this show - thanks for all you do. God Bless!
-Erin B.