Monday, September 15, 2008

NewSong Week One: Missour-EE!

I'm in my bunk.  I love my bunk. 

First I must give shout outs to Bekah, Amelia and Melissa for being the great people that they are.  Seriously, thanks for all your selfless help today.  

For those of you who missed my exciting night Saturday night via my Twitter, I will recap quickly.  I missed the first NewSong date in Moline, IL because I had a show previously scheduled in Grand Rapids, MI.  Well thanks to the devastating effects of Hurricane Ike, our flights IN AND OUT of Chicago were cancelled.  Getting to Michigan was hard enough, but then we couldn't get out.  I ended up renting a car, loading all my junk in it and high tailing it to Chicago at 5:30pm after only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before.  Ike was dumping water in proverbial buckets and I wasn't going to make my flight in time, so i called Budget and told them I'm driving to Missouri.  I headed south, stopped for Burger King and again later for a Large Gas Station Starbucks Coffee + Guarana.  At 2am I arrived in St Louis and met the NewSong bus at 4:30, I was in bed by 5.

Francesca Battistelli is opening the night and evidently she's already had two songs play on The Hills as of tonight.   Check her out: she's Miss Thing.   My deal on this Tour provides with One Bunk on their bus which is incredibly generous.  But unless Josh, Duffy and Scotty wanted to snuggle in my tiny bunk (see above) I wasn't able to bring my band.  So some of NewSong's band, Rico, Mark and Jack are playing for me.   And they're doing a bang up job.  NewSong's set sounds incredible and Tony Nolan (my running partner!) shares his heart in way will make you say "God is Amazing!"  Great people on this tour, I think I'm going to like it.  Come out and see us: check my MySpace for dates.  


Mayra Bunny said...

Praise the Lord, I finally got electricity!! 3 days w/o AC in Houston is kinda rough, lol.

I wanna thank you for being a worship leader to the masses. I'm sure you used to live a "normal" life before you became "famous" and it seems like all the running around you did in the last couple of days could take its toll after awhile...Thank you for the sacrifices that you and your family make so you can be on tour!

Good luck wth the rest of the tour and as for me I'm trying to remember to "run in such a way as to win" =)

M@ said...

dude, sorry the weather sucked but good to see you again. Have a Newsong fest!

Amelia said...

It was a blast and a huge blessing having you, Francesca, NewSong and Tony here. Hope that the travel went smooth!
also thanks for the shout out! lol
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Love the picture, but I do feel a bit sorry for you - you look like a sardine in a can! Sorry the Chicago weather kept you out of the sky and on the ground, but it sounds like you've got where you needed to go. Take care.


JayCee said...

My daughter was so excited that you all came to HLG! I had been telling her about you for some time (our worship band LOVES to play your music at church). Anyway, she called our house that night after your concert in Hannibal telling my husband and I all about your band. She said: "Mom, they are like REAL PEOPLE." Anyway, I had to give you a shout out and tell you thanks for playing for and conversing with the college students - they LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

I just caught your show in Sparta, NC last night and I wanted to thank you for sharing your time an talents!
The show was amazing! Your humbleness really spoke to me and my children. We hope God continues to bless the Least of These tour and encourage everyone who has the opportunity to attend a show go and feel the Holy Spirit on fire!

Anonymous said...

Oh-what Do My Wondering Eyes See ? Cute mustache,Cute Baby Blues-and we all Miss you , terribly-Called in @ 412/333/1015 ) To Request "create again " -You can disguise your voice and Call-To get your Songs played ! Your Burgh Boy Song,can be downloaded on the WEB-SITE at, Pittsburgh-PA (101.5-FM ) Christian Radio -Cheers For Aaron ! On His Fall Tour,Coming To A Town Near You! Love,DELLA

Francesca said...

Thanks for inspiring blog tutorials in purple "green" rooms! I shall now attempt one of my own...

-Miss Thing