Monday, September 22, 2008

NewSong Week Two: OH & NC

An interesting thing happened before I left for the second week of the Least Of These tour.  I was home watching TV or reading, I can't remember, but I was drinking some hot tea (because Fall pretended to come early) and Daniel, my 2 year old wanted to drink some.  I had it sitting on the coffee (tea) table and he was reaching for the fresh, scalding hot mug.  I stopped him verbally before he could burn his little hands, "Daniel! No, son, that's hot! That's daddy's drink"  Well he didn't like that, stuck his lower lip out and pouted; looked at me and reached out again slowly.  "Nooo, Daniel, daddy said 'no', you need to listen and obey daddy."    He obeyed.  A few minutes later, I said something to him and he had a little bitty temper tantrum when I spoke to him: he was mad a me!  Although we don't allow tantrums and that was addressed, it saddened me that he was angry with me, when I was only looking out for his best interest.  

How many times do I ignore God's instruction, test his patience and then express my lack of contentment at His will or his plan.  Maybe not always to the point of anger toward Him, but perhaps sometimes.  God loves us and doesn't want us to "burn our little hands on the hot mug"  I imagine that would sadden God as well, when we lose our patience with Him.

This past week in Ohio and North Carolina was great.  Little churches are always great to play at because the people are uber kind and hospitable and really know how to cook.  Then we played a Western Carolina Univ yesterday in an arena and a ton of people came and worshipped our Creator and it was just a grand time.  I hope that if we come near you on this little tour, you'll come and see us.   Newsong is a band that has some classic songs in Christian Music as well as incredible new songs...(ha)  And I already bragged on Franny and Tony.   

Glad to be home for a few days though, I pulled in a 4am and slept till 11:30.  Pancakes for Lunch!


Mayra said...

Seems like being a parent really helps you relate to the way God loves us.

Enjoy your break! =)

Anonymous said...

Now, You have a reason to exclaim "Arrrr-shiver Me TIMBERS"!!! Why can't you find any Gasoline,so suddenly ? Heard the News on the Radio-This Morning. So DISTRESSING and Everyone's wondering if their City Will Have Shortages Next. :( (Bummer ! Glad, you're such a loving,protective,Daddio ! Most Kids want lots of affection And Approval, And to be close to you,just what we want from, God , Our Heavenly Father !

Melody Joy Francis said...

What you shared about Daniel getting mad at you when you warned him about the hot tea really hit me between the eyes as I have been struggling with anger towards God due to a year of battling personal illness. I know I have NO RIGHT whatsoever to struggle with being angry at God and thinking that this isn't fair, and yet I still struggle. I know in my heart of hearts that this illness is all a part of God's plan to shape and mold me and strip away all selfishness and pride, but oh how I do not enjoy the painful process! Yet I know that my God is BIG and I know He is GOOD, and that is all that matters! Thanks for sharing, it really blessed, challenged and encouraged me!