Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From Twitter to Touch

I love Twitter.  It's fun, it's easy, and my friend Casey made a comment about it last week, that I thought was incredibly insightful.  It went something like this: "Twitter is great, it's a way to keep in touch with your friends, without even having to talk to them!"  

In a sense, he's right.  Then next time Brandon Heath and I chat, I'll know what he's been up to, because I keep up with him on Twitter.  I know my friend Harrison stubbed his toe a couple days ago.   My Mom knew that I had a Doctor's appointment today, because she follows me on Twitter.   It IS a form of communication.  And a lesser one.  

Consider someone about to lose their job.  Or maybe they're about to receive the unpleasant end of a break-up.  There are some conversations that must be done face to face.  We've seen it in movies, "You're breaking Up with me?!?  Over the PHONE??!?"  Can you imagine how irate you would be if you were informed that you were fired in an EMAIL?  With a TEXT??  What if you found out by following your bosses Twitter account?  "I fired Aaron today...felt good."  When something important has to be communicated, you do it face to face.

I have a cold.  I can't hug or kiss my family lest they get sick.  Try explaining to a 2 year old why "Daddy can't hold you" or "Daddy can't play right now", when that's all you want to do.  

Think about how when God wanted to communicate Salvation to His children, he wanted us to do more than just read about it by following His account.  He came in the flesh!  


The Kingdom of God said...

Glory to God for Jesus coming for salvations. To never lose sight of that.

A blessed day to you.

In Jesus' name,

Jason Sears said...

Imagine Jesus coming back and it being announced on Twitter . . .

NewJerseyJesus said...

Insightful post. Your last two sentences made me stop and think.

Mayra said...

that's very powerful Aaron. thank you for calling attn to it which in turn caused me to reflect.

praying that you will get better really soon!

The Kingdom of God said...

Glory to God in knowing that you can never overdose on the word of God. Hallelujah, by faith, for total restoration.

In Jesus' name,

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop by and say that i read your post's just never comment. Hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

I have A Sore Throat that is Turning into A Miserable Cold,too. But I Know I got it FROM:My Older Brother Who Doesn't Wear The Proper Warm Clothes-Leaves Windows Wide Open, Won't Mark his Drinking Mugs So WE don't use them,And He always is Careless, about Coughing in Others Faces & then I get his hand me down COLD,it never Fails,or even FLU,it's happened- You can't eat at the Same Table with A Person who has a HACKING, Coughing , Sneezing, Runny Nose Mess of a Cold- It is Better to Stay Away from the unsick Family Members,like you do-Aaron.Wish I had a 2nd Vacation home to Flee to Avoid this inevitable Spreading of This Plague----- I'm Your Partner in Long- Suffering,And Please Pray For me, as i will for You-as you can see by the hour-I'm up late-not sleeping,Cause I can't Breathe without using VICKS VAPO-Rub on my Nose & Chest- Ahhhh! I'm Going To Lecture my Brother- again ! Really you got to take Precautions or others will Catch Your Cold... Don't Drive in Your Car with the Top Down if it's Chilly Outside... The Draft will make you S-I-C-K
At Least I Found out -That I have a Buddy-going Through The SAME as ME ! Love Ya Mr.Hacker


I may soon be Getting A Doctor's Help-Too !

There is no set of Letters -Here- To Use For Word Verification- Oh Finally !

Anonymous said...

Yes,Jesus is The Word- Made Flesh-And We Need To Know HIM- in PERSONAL Fellowship And by His Words from the Bible,so it is Wise To Keep His Words Hidden Deep In YOUR Heart, Mind and Inner Spirit.

Dan said...

Thanks for that reminder, I needed to hear that. So easy to get caught up in things and lose sight of what is really important.

Anonymous said...

I Know a Woman who Knows Jesus Much More Than I. When she was traveling Through an Airport-She Tripped Over Her Suitcases And Broke her Foot ! Later that night Jesus,( Himself, Our Lord ),..... Came To Her Side,Gently held her Foot and Healed it ! He Came In PERSON ! Now that is Miraculous ! For Those of You who are Waiting on God ,to Heal You...Take Heart...He's Still Healing People Today ! I've Known His Healing Touch Myself many times,so don't lose your hope or FAITH in His Great Love For You-Ever! :: Della :: John 3;16

Let's Sing!
Happy Birthday-! To You- DEAR Aaron, Happy Birthday To YOU! And Many More !!!
Now Blow Out The Candles!

Gosh-There are No Verification letters here-oOOOOpsie-WhooOOpsie!!! Errors-Again!

Anonymous said...

The Farmer's Almanac tells us this coming Winter will be a Cold & Snowy One, Hope Aaron will put out another Christmas Carol To Cheer us,like he always does-Aaron is Like Jolly Saint Nicholas! So Full of Christmas Spirit ! We'll be looking forward To ThaT !!!!

Anonymous said...

Twitter is an Amazing Invention , You can keep close to your Friends & Mates,Near Or Far Away - Oh Aaron, See SOMEONE sang YOU -The Birthday S-O-N-G- Look !
^^^^^^^^^^^^ A-B-O-V-E ^^^^^^^^^^^ DID You Ever Notice IT ? Just Wondered ....... How About Putting Some Of Your Next Birthday's Highlights on Shustube ?????????? What is Your Favorite - Foreign - Accent To Fake? I'd Vote on French - 1st , Scottish 2nd , Glad Your Such A Comedian ..... Love, In Jesus,