Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

I'm not sure what Kurt Cobain meant when he penned those words, but they were on my mind this morning.  You see, (who ever starts a sentence with "You See" unless it's in a school play?) I'm in Bonneau, SC right now, to perform tonight with Francesca 'I'm Letting Go' Battistelli and NewSong.  Bonneau is small.  My friend Eric Gilbert (who just recorded an incredible Kids CD) is from Alabama and always joked how in movies that took place in the South, people always speak like it's the Civil War.  "No one Towks lahk that, daggum," he'd say.  (okay, he's not that bad)  But he's wrong.  They talk like that in Bonneau.  Lahk digni-fahd ladies & gennelmen

I woke up starving for Breakfast, but there are only Granola and Breakfast bars on the bus, so I caught a ride to the local Handy Mart II.  Tasty Breakfast Sandwiches.  I even wrote a review on Google Maps.   All that to say, this place is small.  

I was talking to Gary while I ate my sandwich back at the church, and he started getting teary eyed talking about bringing the concert in, and the lives it could touch and some of the people who are coming that need to see and feel Christ's love.   He was amazed that we would come!  
I told him, "Gary, I've played shows in big cities and I often feel like the audience just crosses their arms and says, 'How are you going to entertain me more than I was at last week's concert?'  Big cities get concerts all the time.  But you don't & I know that we are going to have a BLAST tonight!"

I'm a city boy.  First Pittsburgh, now Atlanta.  I often find myself wanting to be impressed.  Not my 2 year old.  Last night he gasped in delight when he realized he could pull the straw out of his cup.  Where did we lose the wonder?  Desensitization?  Over-saturation?  I don't gasp like I used to.  It's kinda sad.  

How do we get that back?


Melody Joy Francis said...

So could I talk you into coming to Baptist Bible College of PA in lil Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania for a show this spring or next spring?? :0P Blessings to you!

Aaron Shust said...

ha, i Thought that was you. you know how to bring me in! :) hit the links on the bottom right of this page. I'd love to do it.

Dan said...

Can you add one more option to your poll:

All of the above.


Anonymous said...

I voted for "My Savior, My God" but "Creat Again" is another great one that I would have votd for :)

Jake T. said...

I think experience has a way of taking the wow out of things. Last week I spent an hour walking the beach below the sea wall in Galveston. It was the first time in my life I enjoyed the warmth of the ocean. It was a new experience that wowed me. Sure, I've been in the ocean before, but it was somehow different

Anonymous said...

I often find myself longing to return to innocence and never leaving. Sometimes I feel our society has been desensitized and over-saturated with all the different mediums that now exist. That's why it is important to guard your heart for it's the wellspring of life!

Melody Joy Francis said...

Sweet! Thanks, I def. will! They do a concert every spring at the college, and we'd love to have you come! Thanks for getting back to me so fast, lol. :0)

Mellette Berezoski said...

Children. That's how we get it back. I think God blesses us with children to remind us that the most awe-inspiring and impressive gifts can't be bought, downloaded, or wrapped in pretty paper. Two summers ago, our family took a trip to the Philippines to visit my parents. I had made the trip countless times before but it was the first time for my then 6 year old son. As soon as we flew above the clouds he gasped in utter amazement and said (without turning from the airplane window), "This is the best day of my life!" The entire vacation was like that for him...and for me as well. In all the time I had made that same trip, I never saw the mountains, the waterfalls, the people, the fruit, the fields, or the world for that matter, quite the same way as I did that summer.

Hold him tight...they grow up much too fast.


Anonymous said...

funny that you would start your post with the tragic and flawed Kurt Cobain. he is example of words and verse used in a forum of music. he drew people from all economic levels and backgrounds to listen to a grungy band from Seattle with "their" message. unfortunately for him that was enough. words and music can change the world for the better. i will always believe that, i know it is the one constant in our lives.

I also agree that children are the "awe" in the world. they are the our past, our present and our future, as hokey as that sounds. it is true.

sarah said...
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Sara Joy said...

Aaron Shust,
I've been trying to contact you and tell you congrats on all of the success the Lord's blessed you with. I hope you and Sarah are doing well!

-Sara (Rockwell) Martin

Anonymous said...

Aaron - Children and/or grandchildren help you keep the "gasp" in your life. Just the little things we take for granted - like the straw, or a balloon, or little children singing the Arky Arky song at church - helps us remember what's important and what we focus on for the Kingdom!

Would love to see you come to Crystal Lake, IL - I think you might have actually come here once - but that was before I knew who you were!


Phaedra said...

My children have definately taught me to appreciate the little things. My 19 month old toddler constantly shows me how much there is to laugh at. And no matter how many times a day we see a helicopter, he always squeals with joy and points it out. This reminds me of how I should be when encountering God in every day of my life - as excited and joyful as my first encounter.

Melody Joy Francis said...

I LOVE that Jars of Clay album.....still listen to it! :0)

Robert Farley said...

Yup, I'll add my two cents to those who said "children." They are one good way to learn to gasp again, to see beauty. My son and I decorated the patio door with construction paper pumpkins, cats, bats, and a malformed yellow moon; but when went outside to look at it, the delight in his laugh was so great.

All that wonder leaves us as life goes on. Taken and tossed by those who've lost it before us. Children remind us, and as parents or grandparents we have a choice to regain and recapture a flavor of the wonder.

At least, that's what I think. And some others.