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Monday, October 27, 2008

In The Studio

It's Midnight in the East, but it's only 11pm here in Nashville.  I woke up at 5am and drove up to Franklin, TN actually to meet up with Jason Ingram & Rusty Varenkamp to finally begin recording my third album!  The plan today was to meet up with three homies here in Nashville and record drums, bass and electric for 4 songs.  Jason Gregory played the bass, Ken Lewis played the drums and Adam Lester is currently playing guitar.  Adam came late because he had to fly in from Florida this morning.  Little Australian Rock Star.  He just finished a tour with Peter Frampton.  Adam and I met on the Bebo Norman Dreaming True Tour back in the Fall of 2006.  
Anyhow, these guys have recorded with Jason and Rusty before and so communication is second nature for them, and we jammed on these songs for a little before throwing down some tracks.  I think it's going to be a vibey little places.  and pretty big in others.  :)  I can tell you this much, the songs are going to keep in line with the songs you've already heard: they elevate God's Perfection and confess our need for him.  

So now it's very late (12:52am).  We're going to start up again tomorrow at 9, so it's time for some sleep.  The songs sound incredible, can't wait for you to hear them.  


Heather Villalta said...

Yay!!! Album #3!!!

Mayra said...

Oh my gosh Aaron, I am sooooooo excited that you are working on your third album. I know it'll be just as good as the last 2!!!! =) May the Lord keep on blessing you with the gift of putting the thoughts and emotions we feel into music!

Rachel said...

yay I can not wait for the new album! is hotta worship going to be on there????
Adam is cool.. I saw him on that tour with bebo and with SCC a few times..

Melody Joy Francis said...

To say that I am excited and cannot wait for this third album would be an understatement! Praying for you all as you record!

Laura E said...

Sweet! I can't wait! For your last album, I got to preorder and get a signed copy of the booklet. Are you doing this promo again? I surely hope so!

Anonymous said...

How do we get that "gasp" back? Be quiet....and listen to HIS voice...and HE will show you marvelous things in HIS universe, like what's behind the eyes of a child.

Kath said...

wow ok so this is totally redundant but i can't wait for your 3rd cd either!!!! it's much anticipated =]

katitzu said...

So glad that you are making another album... :) Can't wait!!! Will be praying for you...

Wondering if you know when Jason Ingram is going to make another album... have been waiting patiently for YEARS for his next album to drop... Met him when I was in high school and he came to my church to play... 8 years later and still listen to his music.... Was sad that both he and Eli dropped off of the Christian Music scene several years back... Praying they both make their return soon. :)

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend,is Currently Composing music for his 5th Record and he welcomes ideas from his friends and Family. I'm good for ideas- so I collaborate , because I know The End Result will be a better Musical Product, For the Enjoyment of Others, And for the GLORY of The Lord ! So glad you're having a Blast, Recording ! Can't wait To Hear it -When it's FINISHED ! Thanks for Giving Your Utmost For His GLORY ! I wish we could be there watching the Creative Juices flowing ! We really Are glad for you guys ! Praise God !!!! :o ) From > :: Della ::

Sara Joy said...

Now who's the popular one? Definitely not me :)

I grew up in Union City...not Oil City, but very close, good memory.

That's really interesting about your song Watch Over Me and the Exodus 14 parallel. Who knew?!!

Enjoy your time in Nashville, do you know Barry Landis? He was just here where I work last Friday.


Mayra said...

Happy B-day Aaron(assuming you read this on 10/31)

hopefully, i'm your first fan to wish you a happy bday! =)

I made you an electronic birthday card! Here's the link:

Melody Joy Francis said...

Definitely praying for little Daniel, that he will feel better soon! Happy Birthday by the way!
:0) And I wanted to tell you that your Shustube videos are really funny! God bless your day today!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Aaron Is Turning The BIG- # 33 - In Birth-DAY Years Today- Congratulations- And No, Mayra, I was The 1st ONE- To WISH BRO' Aaron A Wonderful Birthday- see Previous COMMENTS on here- I even Tried to SING the Happy BIRTHDAY SONG ! By Cyberspace - Heavenly HOSTS sang, Along With ME .... Can't WAIT to Hear Your New Songs, Aaron ! Sending You Lots Of LOVE In JESUS---> XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX--Hugs & Kisses.....> S-M-A-C-K ! Bonnie ( From ; PITTSBURGH , PA ___>>>>>>>>> GO STEELERS >>> !!!!!

Aaron Shust said...

Looks like I should clear it up...when I opened my computer today...the first birthday wish I received was from...Mayra. She's hard to beat when it comes to being timely, people. Don't feel bad.

Anyhow, all your Bday wishes have warmed my heart.
Many Thanks

Dan said...

Happy B-day Aaron! Wasn't near a computer yesterday, and it was also my b-day yesterday as well. ;)

Looking forward to your 3rd CD!

Anonymous said...

Mr.A -Since I have a chance in getting a REPLY from You , HERE, Where can Someone Send You An E:Mail Holiday E:Card > What Address Will it Get To ? ????

Please Answer--- HERE ! I tried some others You HAD LISTED, And got Delivery E:Mail Failures or REJECTIONS-You Could Also Announce on Your NEXT MUSIC-CD ,In The Liner Notes that You Have A BLOG To Check Out- ON LINE , Just Trying To Help , And PLEASE Tell us THE MANY WAYS , You Enjoyed Your BIRTH-DAY ! Also , We LOVE You, no Matter what DAY it Happens TO BE ,++++++++++
Once A BURGH BOY , Now Atlanta's Maverick ! :o D Gosh You're So Sweet ! Mayra And I are...

having A Rivalry For Being Your Most DE-voteD Fan , Go Back To Your Post - Called " A VERY Happy Birthday " See The Comments -There Are More Birth-Day Good Wishes FOR YOU , You Might Have Overlooked ! ( BONNIE ) : o )

Love Ya !

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh-you're Sick , Poor Baby ! : > ( Sad Face this Time - SOOOOooooOOOOooo SAD - but You'll be Fine Shortly- Keep Drinking Plenty Of Vitamin C - Keep Warm & Cozy - So I'm Here To Comfort You , If I Could I'd Sing To You To Cheer You Up , Aaron ! As Always , We are HERE For You , Please Take Care of Yourself , And Do Sleep To Regain Your Strength ,Our Prayers are For YOU ! All of Your BLOG_BUDDIES / And Twitter-Followers, Express Our Compassion To You- May JESUS's Love Encompass You ! Sincerely Yours ---> All Of US & Bonnie

We Miss You !!! And Love You Very Much !

Melody Joy Francis said...

Hoping and Praying that you feel better very soon! Sorry you are sick. :-(

Anonymous said...

Right now, I saw a huge List of ChristMAS MUSIC- CDs by Christian Artists, Wow ! So Many Out There ! So, Aaron, when will You put a Whole Record of Christmas Songs OUT ? Just wondering, will you attempt This , Some Day ? We Would LOVE It !


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's Nearly Approaching Christmas- It'll be here fast ! We're getting S-N-O-W---
So Duck when some SNOW-BALLS Come Flying at You !
Too BAD the STEELERS lost to the COLTS ! And Please Take Care of Your Self

! Hope You Put a NEW Post on Your BLOG -About the Many > Wonderful DElIGHTS of the Coming HOLIDAYS !
<( : O )