Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thank You, Jesus, for this touchdown, Amen.

Tonight 8:15pm.  It's ON.  Too bad the Steelers aren't playing Jacksonville next week, when I have a show in...Jacksonville.  

Here's something to talk about: I'm not sure where I land on this.  People who accept awards, no matter what the award is for, always "thank God, first and foremost"  Sometimes, it's common knowledge that the person doesn't even acknowledge God by the way they live.   Sometimes I wonder if people feel like they need to thank God because it's the right thing to do.  Then I feel weird about the people who didn't win the award: nominated or not even nominated: as if God didn't want them to "win" (Which is ridiculous to assume).  This is especially weird to me in two areas.  Ministry Awards and Sports. 

The Dove Awards have a category for Best Worship Leader.  I just think that's strange. While it's an honor to receive any award or nomination, I feel like it takes away from the other hard working, God pursuing people whose work is just as pleasing to God (quite possibly: only He knows)

Then sports.  I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.  I know it's just a game: but man, when we're playing against the Bengals for example, and they score a touchdown, I throw things at the television (pillows, soft things) and when I see a Bengal player point up to Heaven or kneel in the endzone, I always think, "God's not a Bengals fan!"  (I know he's not a Steeler fan or any other fan either)  But I just wonder if we give credit to God for some wrong things.   Sure He gives us life and breath and a mind that can learn how to throw and catch a football...maybe it's innocent.   I always point to the sky at the end of a show if people cheer for me.  I direct them to God.   He deserves the praise.  

anyhow: discuss ;)


Mayra said...

I agree, I was watching some award show and 50 cent thanked God for winning and I was thinking I had no idea he was even a Christian by what he says in his music...

I was also wondering how exactly the Dove award people determine which worship song is the best? Aren't they all really good if they bring people to a new level in worshiping God? lol, I guess it's all semantics.

Anonymous said...

it's one of those things where actions speak louder than words. i'm not usually bothered by people thanking God, i just don't understand why they bother if He never figures into the other parts of their lives. it's almost like they're thanking Him for their earthly recognition, forgetting that He sees every second of every day. i would much rather see someone never get any recognition here on earth and live each day totally for Jesus, than to see them get recognized every once in a while by their peers, and have THAT be the only time they acknowledge God. regardless, i do like the reminder that God should always get the glory. but that's just me :)

oh...and God's definitely not a steelers fan. he's a giants fan ;o) 3 guesses who wrote that lol

Jake T. said...


Aaron Shust said...

you know it, Jake! Thx for your comments, Mayra and Anny. Have you seen TO's post game press conference? He said a lot more than "i thank God" Now I know that TO has been known to talk smack...a lot... in the past. But he gave some serious credit to God "God deserves all the glory" "I just need to thank God for the opportunity to play today" "this is all about letting people know that I'm a man of God" etc.

I wonder if he had a conversation this past week with a Spiritual mentor or two. He's had a rough week. When everyone criticizes you on National TV...that can't be fun.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way at church - if what I am doing is pointed out to people.(running video) I don't do it for any glory or recognition for myself - I do it to glorify God. I'd much rather be acknowledged once by God in heaven, than a million times here on earth. Hope that makes sense!


(Go Bears!)

DeDe said...

First of all, Aaron, I want to say THANK YOU for being obedient to God and using the gifts He has given you to bring glory to Him! Your music brings me to tears so often...I know, then, that it's inspired by the Holy Spirit, as it feeds my mind, spirit and soul so completely.

In the same way, when folks receive awards, or teams win big games and say "Thanks to God," we can only hope they really do realize that they can do nothing (of value) without God.

As a Packer fan, we could imagine that God really did bring His blessing upon the team when Reggie White was working so diligently to get the team to acknowledge the LORD. God, indeed, blesses those who acknowledge Him. Does God bring wins to the team the gives Him the most glory? I think God is involved in the details of our lives, so we can know that His greater purposes are always at work.

That's just my two cents! (Oh, and I pray there are many strong Christians on the JETS team...because Brett is nearly ready to live completely for Jesus Christ! We continue to pray for that dear boy -- who like Peter Pan, refuses to grow up!) Blessings! DeDe