Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That Smells Incredible!

I was just pouring my third cup of morning Joe, Nantucket Blend in my Jamaican mug, about to head out to the back porch and continue my morning breakfast ritual with my family, when lightning struck.   I said, "Sarah, I have a good blog idea!"  Now I'm no Louie Giglio, Tony Nolan or Randy Schlichting when it comes to taking everyday experiences and gleaning spiritual application from them.  But I try to be.  ;)

Last night after I kissed Daniel goodnight, I headed downstairs and there was an incredible, strong aroma throughout the whole floor.   I couldn't place it.  I knew we were having Sarah's incredible 'meatball soup' (the current name until we make a better one) but it was just leftovers, so I shouldn't smell it yet.  Then I thought, "Charcoal!" I went outside, but smelled no one barbecuing.  I now started to run inside, a bit worried.  The oven was off.  No incense burning.  No candles.  I followed my nose to the sink area, then opened the dishwasher which was on 'Heat Dry'.  A single wooden spoon had fallen onto the heat coil and was veritable charcoal.  My nose was right the first time.  I just didn't know it was in my house.  I caught it in time.  That was the best smelling potential house fire I've ever encountered.  

Here's my attempt at a life lesson:  Things that are devastatingly dangerous to our well being (whether physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, etc) are often disguised as safe, pleasant, enticing, inviting and even incredible smelling.  But unless they are identified accurately, swiftly and promptly 'nipped in the bud'...they can burn your house down.


Mayra said...

AWWW, Daniel is AdOrAbLe!!!

And you're right...Sometimes it's hard to discern the things that are bad for us because they are so attractive.

Julia said...

Thanks for the advice, I'll be watching out for that! P.S. Daniel is a cutie! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aaron - I just had a similar thought the other day - how things are disguised as something good, wonderful, pleasant, enticing, and when you look a little closer, you can see where they might lead you off the path of righteouness.

Glad you caught it in time!


Anonymous said...

WOW, you put my goofy name in with some serious real teacher dudes, so I question your ability to discern good teaching, BUT...I know it when I hear it and bro and that was an awesome point. Well said, and I understood it too. Your wife makes an awesome soup that smells like a wooden spoon burning in the dishwasher. Wow, that changed my life. Did I ever tell you I have the gift of encouragement? See ya next week, in the mean time I will try and keep my nose out to keep my house from burning down and interrupting my morning coffee. By the way, cute kid and really cool back yard in the pic.

Tony Nolan

Anonymous said...

Hope you get A LAUGH,in this Story. Lightning can strike your roof and set in on fire- or it can Kindle the electrical wiring in Your Home & make SMOKE come from The Outlets in the Walls! This has happened ,whenever my Dad has been home during Terrible summer storms! So we THINK he attracts Lightning Strikes ! To Prove this Theory Further , he even brought Hellfire Down on a Church's Steeple when he was present inside,The incident Made the Pastor of the Church say- "Harry, you brought the Wrath of God Down on us today, for you were the only ONE in The Sanctuary." So this is a True Story,So everyone Keep your NOSES & EARS Alert-during Thunder Storms And Stay away from Tall Trees, Running Faucets, And Electrical Appliances, and using the Telephone ! My- Oh My ! My Dad is a Son Of Thunder,just like Jesus named a few of His Disciples- " Sons of Thunder "- ( Did You Smile, Yet ? Aaron ) You should have a - Jinx - Dad like mine, then You'd be SMELLING Charcoal more OFTEN ! This is a Warning For all To Be Careful during Lightning Storms !!! In His Love, BONNIE :D

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Wow...for a minute I thought I was reading Louie ;)...

Great example of everyday life teaching eternal truth.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do w/ your "lesson"...but worth sharing.

When I was at Georgetown I did the same thing...but it was a plastic tupperware cover...and I lived in a dorm...and it set off the fire alarm...and my hair was in curlers...and the entire fire department showed was super!

This is Laura...I can't figure out how to post my name!