Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Daniel's 2nd Birthday. We had an incredible day from Pillsbury Orange rolls for B'fast to lunch at a Park with Sarah's sister's fam and cupcakes. From a little nap (and a natural gas leak scare!) to my Parents and my brother's fam coming over for dinner. (which was fantastic but gave me heartburn)  (Dinner, not my family)

We got Daniel a Radio Flyer Big Wheel which he loved and between that and a little stuffed Elmo we gave him right before bed, I was reminded why it's better to give than to receive.

When I receive something, I'm often honored, thrilled, grateful, etc. But when I see how someone else feels those emotions because of a gift Given...I can rarely hold back the tears! Daniel GASPED when he saw Elmo, gave it a gentle hug, patted its back and whispered 'Emmo'.

He fell asleep happy...and 3 hours past his bedtime! Happy Birthday, son.


Dan said...


Happy B-day to your son! Sounds like you had a great time.

I'm sure your readership of your blog is a lot more than 5. I'd guess probably more than 30. ;) j/k

Anonymous said...

Well,October Brings More Birthdays -And Unexpectant Surprises-For AARON Shuster's BIRTHDAY is Arriving On October 31,And So We Are SENDING B-DAY Wishes To YOU- Brother Aaron< : o ) SMILING, because i LIKE ELMO,TOO-even At my Age. He's a Friendly CHUM,so Charming in his Childlike Wonder ! Ah Aaron - HAPPY Birth-DAY! Mine is in October,Too.Thanks For Sharing Those Endearing Family Time Memories with us ,& by the WAY- Herman Munster-TV's Favorite FRANKENSTEIN has his Birthday On <> Hallo-Weeee-n,Too so Boooooo! To YOU ! Really, you couldn't have PICKED a WEIRDER date For your BIRTHDAY-looks like Dan & I beat out Mayra's 1st Comment on Your B_L_O_G - Spot , because WE LOVE You Just as Much ! Soon- You'll be Getting Loving Gifts,& You'll Be The BRIGHT BIRTHDAY-** STAR ** on Your Extraordinary *** Blessed Day ********* Sending Love To You & Daniel! God Be With You, Always! From: Bon - from Your HOME-ToWN- GoooOOOOOooooOOOOooooo! >>> STEELERS !!!

Mayra said...

Awwwww, I'm glad Daniel had a good b-day. He looks like a sweet child! Today is my dad's b-day, and your b-day is only 20 days away!

And whoa, I've been beat annnd called out! haha... Maybe my RSS reader needs to refresh more often...

Albert said...

Hi Aaron! I'm a big supporter of your music and I'm glad God is calling you to serve in such a big way. =) A very Happy Birthday to your son!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron - I had to share this with you son, 10, was listening to Can't Hide from Your Love" on his ipod last night in the car. Forgetting that he could only hear the music, he was singing with all of his heart. I was inwardly laughing and thanking God at the same time for the way he has used your music to touch so many people. Your CD Whispered and Shouted is AMAZING! God has gifted you with the ability to communicate HIS love and heart through your music. I added you to my profile on WGTS 91.9, but they don't have any of your new I have requested them.

Keep planting those life changing seeds.

Many blessing to you and your beautiful family ... Andrea

lois said...

If you ever mentioned at your concerts that you have a blog, thousands would read it. I found it when I googled you because my teens wanted to know how old you were, after your concert at Cornerstone U in Grand Rapids. I have been reading it, (and praying for your ministry) ever since. I am currently praying for your health. You have a beautiful family, and I will be praying for them also. I can't thank you enough for your music and ministry. Our whole family has been led to worship through the words and music you have received from God's hand, and shared with us. Bless you.

pinhofamily said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! Hope you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

Your sentiment about better to give and receive is right on!

We have an October birthday - tomorrow my daughter Sarah turns 17!


Anonymous said...

My Birthday was Today-And My Only B-day Wish Remained unfulfilled-I wanted To Talk To Aaron,And Wish Him a Great Birthday - Soon Coming-Wish I Could Phone him To Tell Him in PERSON,And if not-I'll just Give You, AARON+++ A Heartfelt Birthday Shout Out Right Here. Hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope Your Cold is Nearly Over,Best Wishes To You For Joy & Happiness on Your Birthday! Try Some Hot Chicken Soup To Soothe Your Throat or Hot Tea With Lemon Slices-Our Prayers Are For You! Much LOVE To YOU FROM:+++-Your Family in Jesus Christ. :o ) Take Care,Always

Anonymous said...

i am a new fan - play your "whispered" cd quite a lot. love the inspirational and heart felt words and music. the messages are very clear without being overly dramatic, which is oddly comforting. give me words to speak - absolute favorite. hopefully you will think about stopping in Illinois - noticed no dates in our nice little state.

thanks, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Really- I Know I sent You, Aaron A VERY early Birthday Wish- Above ^^^^^^^^^^^ Look at Oct. 11 At 8;24 - 2008- Wasn't That The EARLIEST, The First Birthday WISH , YOU Received---So I'm RIGHT !!! Ha-Ha- Got YA -- You See I Beat Mayra To it , JUST as I Claimed--- I'm not upset -But REALLY- My Memory Is Excellent-Guess You Didn't Have Time To READ mine- THat's O.K., but I was 20 Days EARLY IN WISHING YOU the very Best Birthday-EVER ! Was It A Nice One For You & Your Family ??? Anyways? BONNIE or ( Bon ) Yep! You'll Have To RE-- Settle This Fan-Feud----> Ouch ! >>>That Hurts !!! I did Beat out MAYRA BY BEING FIRST !!! Hope You Smiled- And I warmed Your Heart- Again- Coz GOSH - We Do Wish You The Best , Always--- For There's Only One You ! Bonnie From : Your Original HOME-TOWN - And The TOWN that is HOME To OUR Great STEELERS >>> PITTSBURGH - PENNSYLVANIA -GOOOOooooOOOOOOOooooo OO ! STEELERS !

Anonymous said...

Well ! The Steelers Beat The Redskins --- Yay ! Our STEELERS ARE The Best Football TEAM - Once They Get Stoked And HOT They're Unbeatable ! Did You READ My COMMENTS- I Left Above Aaron ? I always write --- Let's GOOOoooOOOOoooooOOOOO ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
STEELERS !!!!!!!!!!! Well, We WON !!!! Hooray !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm Hoping Our Country's People will be More UNITED and Less Divided , looking more to Jesus to LEAD us , for HE holds the Future in His Capable HANDS.... And He is Looked TO As OUR REIGNING KING !!!! So.....Let Him REIGN OVER AMERICA ! Let's Put Our Lives , Our Hopes , Our Aspirations >>> In His HANDS

Amen! He's LORD of ALL !!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless Us All !

Glad, You made That post on Politics , Aaron ! From ; Della