Monday, November 10, 2008

Missouri Again

We had two good shows this weekend.  Kansas City and Forsyth, Missouri.  Actually the Kansas City show was IN Kansas.  not Missouri.  For those of you who think I just stated the obvious, check your map

The show last night in Forsyth was free to the public because a church member footed the bill for the entire event, which just brings the people out!  The place was packed!  Standing room only, they even opened up the back doors and set up chairs in the Foyer.  Obviously the fire marshall did not come, but the rest of the town did!  Anyhow, it was a really fun night.  I didn't lose my voice, no strings broke, (well, Rico broke a string in Franny's set, but fixed it by mine, sorry Fran)

It was a long drive home this morning.  I actually didn't make it home until 2pm, had dinner with Sarah, Daniel and my parents in the back yard; crab legs and sunset.  We have a Korean supermarket across the street: cheap seafood.  You just have to be able to either speak Korean or point well.   Guess which one I do.  

Anyway, good to be home.  Only one more show, then I'm home waiting for a baby to be born!


Mayra said...

Awesome! If your baby is born on the 29th of November then it will share a birthday with me!! =)

I hope you enjoy your time off and I'm looking forward to "More Wonderful" in a Scottish

Anonymous said...

Congratulations , on becoming a Dad a Second Time !!! Make sure you get PLENTY of Sleep , Ahead of the Birth of your NEW Baby ,cause later... comes " the Up- All- Nighters " with Baby ! We're excited to know It's On The Way ,very soon, Do You Know if Baby will be Wearing Pink Or Blue ?

Love in Jesus , my 3 Brothers and Me , Bonnie

y Good Wishes , Blessings , And Congrats , TO : Daddio & Mommio !!!
And Bambino !

<{ ; o )
From; Pittsburgh , PA ) SENT With Much L-O-V-E !!!

Yolanda said...

can you please tell me how I can get my own copy of "O Come O Come, Emmanuel"?

I love how you have done this!

Yolanda Rogers

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes smoothly with the birth of the latest Shust! I was fortunate to be at the births of both my granddaughters, and it is soooooo amazing. I'll be thinking of you and Sarah!


Heather said...

Congrats on the upcoming birth! We have four, our last was born on Christmas Eve last year. Enjoy every minute, time flies!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! You are such an endearing person , if I could MAKE - A - Wish , I'd wish You and All YOUR Little Peeps and Blog Commenters would get together for a COOK-OUT & BARBECUE, in someone's Back YARD or A PARK !
I Know for a Fact that David CRowder - invited FANS to His Back Yard - Picnic--- And a MOB of 500 FAMISHED, hungry D.Crowder> Followers / Hillbillies showed up To Feast---, At his home in TEXAS___much TO HIS AMAZEMENT !!! Cool Idea , HUH ? BETCHA DAVID GOT A BIG - SURPRISE, AND Felt lots of LOVE !

Love In JESUS, ::+ DellA ....It's a "FAN"_TASTIC --- Idea !!! Invite Your FANS---! N-E-X-T !!!
; o )

missthing said...

Aghh, I'm going to miss you, bro! Can't wait to hear the new stuff and see you soon. Be sure to let me know when the big day is for your family! Praying for you guys!