Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Mr. Shust Pet Peeve: Bad Driving.

Warning: No Spiritual Application Found Within This Blog!

I just drove across the street to pick up a case from storage.  As I was driving in my turning lane, protected by a solid white line, a driver, who obviously wanted to be in front of me, laid heavily on the horn because I didn't let her in.  I wasn't expecting anyone to even try since no turn signals were on was a solid white line.   Anyhow, we both turned right and I waited for my dotted white line so I could make the immediate Left I needed to make, and she crossed Another solid white line and was trying to pass me!  Again, no signal, although mine had been on.   She wasn't happy.  

On the way home (this is a 50 yard drive, people) i saw people blocking intersections, trying to pass other cars in a line of stopped traffic with only One lane (double parking basically), holding up traffic in a left turning lane because they decided to cross 3 lanes of traffic and turn Right instead of left & AT the green light.  

I'm a little amazed.  And if my family had been in the car with me, I'd probably be pretty upset.  Cause I was almost just in 5 accidents in as many minutes, and I only drove across the street.

Maybe everyone should have to take the written Driver's Test every 4-5 years or something. 


Mayra said...

Houston is just as bad friend. I actually got in a car accident not too long ago with someone who didn't have car insurance so I'm basically out of luck even though Witness' saw that I had a green light and was cut off by the other woman because she failed to yield. EVEN the police officer found her at fault..."sigh"

Devoted said...

I can feel you, brother. Makes you want to hold up a poster that states clearly: READ THE BOOK! :-D

Melody Joy Francis said...

I voted for "What Child is This," you should def. do it, but with the original lyrics which are quite powerful. I have them if you need a copy! :-)

Anonymous said...

It must be universal. The Nashville/Clarksville areas aren't any better. And heaven help us if it's cold outside and some sort of precipitation falls from the sky. Or even if the weather forecast says there's a chance of precipitation while the temperature is below 60.

I had a wreck last Thanksgiving (with my 2 kids and 3 of my brother's kids in the van with me) when somebody decided he needed to go across the highway without first stopping to make sure no traffice (ME!) was coming. Yeah, that hurt.

I pray there will be no traffic in heaven!

Sarah from TN said...

That goes to prove that God has a hedge of protection aroud His children.

Jake T. said...

You should have had the greatest preparation for crazy drivers... growing up just outside the 'Burgh.

Technonana said...

Now we can see why there is so much 'Road Rage'.
Insurance companies would tell you that most accidents occur within 5miles of your home. That's why you must DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!!

Donika said...

I'm with you that with bad driving being a pet peeve! There are some bad drivers here in a small town Sebring, FL too. Thank goodness that God has His protection around you as you crossed the street that day!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when Semi-Trucks Swat You off the Road , like a Pesty Insect ,because the Truck Drivers can't SEE You Coming ---------->

And YOU must REMIND yourself ...That there are Blind-Spots At The Rear- Of Their HUMONGOUS... Intimidating- Trailers !!!

It's BEST To Follow Them Than TO RISK Your LIFE--->-Passing ! (Once, I YELLED To MY Bro' - Look Out -!!!
When We Weren't Noticed,passing- And Avoided being SWATTED To Our Deaths>>> or Potentially Mass Injuries-I'm Sure They Couldn't Care IN The LEAST---Which MAKES me Angry for I Know Of FRiends Who Ended UP-SIDE-DOWN-In their CAR After being Slammed by a SEMI-TRUCK ; They ended up going to the Hospital!
:: Della :: TAKE CARE-
Everyone !

Anonymous said...

YaY ! The STEELERS WON The GAME- Versus The..> Bengals... WHOOPIE !