Friday, November 14, 2008

Self Control as an Art

I've been watching the John Adams series with Sarah the past few nights.  One scene jumped out at me and frankly made me rethink most every other scene in the mini-series so far.  Adams was just appointed the U.S. Ambassador to England shortly after helping spearhead America's independence from England.  (He was highly respected but on 'thin ice' in Great Britain)  He was meeting with the King for the first time.  One on One, mano a mano, and John had been coached on how he must approach the king.  Enter the room and bow, a very low bow, hat off, hands extended majestically, legs crossed as if you just launched a bowling ball.  Then halfway into the room he'd have to do it again, then once more as he would approach His Grace.   All three were performed awkwardly, John was a Massachusetts man, who didn't have time for such frivolity.  He hated it and saw it as silly.  But he did it anyway, and won the respect of the King.   

Even though his character is depicted as speaking his mind more freely than other people (often to his detriment) he still showed restraint more times than he felt was necessary.   Then he'd go home and vent his frustrations to his wife and "best of friends" Abigail.  

We as Christians (and mankind in general) are called to self-control (Gal 5:23) and the guarding of our own tongues (James 3).  While it's good to speak our minds about what we believe, I simply found it fascinating to see portrayed a culture that esteemed self control as a high virtue.


Mayra said...


Anonymous said...

So, what is this entry infering ? That the Human Race is basically flawed, with LACK of Common Sense & Self- Control ? Like...? Who Doesn't Realize that ? But if any of us is pushed over our Limits by Circumstances,we should try to Tolerate the Situations with Prayer & Patience, for we never know who we might influence by our Actions or Example > What are Your Favorite Movies ? Do you really like Documentaries -or biographical films ?

What will your family watch NEXT ?

It's Snowing & C-o-l-D in Pennsylvania , LET'S GO >>>>STEELERS !!! Beat The Bengals !

Aaron Shust said...

i didn't mean to infer the things you mentioned, anonymous blogger. Simply that we as Christians are Called to self control and the taming of our tongues. There may be people who don't know that. There are certainly people who do not believe that the human race is flawed. Believe it or not. :) I also feel that while some people have a healthy grasp on what they say, others struggle with self control in that area.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! I understand you completely,and though I'm Anonymous here, I've met you twice ,and I Believe we Got Along Together Well Enough, Fellowshiping . And I'm hoping there's an opportunity that we can talk again together,for we have lots in common and in person it's evident we get along excellently...For we both Really LOVE The LORD ! And that is a sure foundation, for being Friends, to be Sure! Thanks for Taking the TIME , And Raising > Up The Higher Standards in All You DO , Glorifying God ! My REAL Name is Bonnidel
,And THANKS To My Parents, it is Truly One-Of-A- Kind ! So glad to Fellowship With YOU- Aaron !
We all will careful to Bridle Our Speech , so it is always pleasing > To God !

Anonymous said...

You are GETTING SNOW ? Already ? My DAD & I discussed John Adams Life-Story Together,the Day YOU POSTED This. He's A HISTORY BUFF ! He said he admired his trait of a being an outstandingly Upright Loyal Diplomat and Patriot To His Beloved Homeland . Sometimes I PONDER... Why don't we GIVE MORE RESPECT To Our King , The Lord Jesus Christ ? Shouldn't we ALWAYS Acknowledge HIM, By Bowing Low Before HIM ? He Deserves That MUCH & More from US !!! (Anonymous-) Watching it SNOWING HERE, Too ! IT gets You In The Christmas Spirit ! Thanks, Aaron For Your POST !

Anonymous said...

Talking about Lack of SELF-Control ! At This Time Of THE YEAR , You'll SEE PLenty of Incidences of That ! When A SECURITY GUARD at A WAL-MART STORE Is Trampled TO DEATH , 15 Miles From New York City . Really,CONSUMERISM , Materialism And AVARICE IS THE god OF MANY This CHRISTMAS , And For THEM Our Prince Of PEACE, Our Everlasting FATHER means little or NOTHING AT ALL ! Sometimes I CRY - Over What A Mess , They Made Christmas Into !!!

: o (

Thomas Degarmo said...

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