Saturday, December 20, 2008

All I Need Is A Sunrise

I woke up this morning to the sound of "Da-DEEEEeEEeeEEeee!"  Daniel was awake and ready to go at 7:15.  Unfortunately for me I was wide awake until after 2am last night.  I watched Discovery Channel for a while because I'm 33 and find it interesting.   Plus, I'm obviously still on "road time."  And since Sarah's on Infant Duty, I'm on Toddler Duty.

So I came downstairs with Daniel this morning, made a quick cup of coffee for myself (or 2), took my morning meds with a swig of OJ, got Daniel some oatmeal and OJ, and sat down in the living once he was done.  The Christmas lights were on, it was still dark outside since it was raining, and I played a couple episodes of Sunrise Earth that I have saved on the TV while I read a little.   One hour of HD footage of some of the most magnificent landscapes during sunrise.  No music, no narration, just the sound of the wind, water, morning birds and any other wildlife that may be near.   It's quite the peaceful way to wake up.  

It actually made me miss the road.  Usually we only see loading docks and dressing rooms, but if we plan well, we actually get to see some of this incredible world we live in.  
So I'm getting ready to go out on a little Spring Tour.  We're still looking for dates to fill, and many of you ask me if I'd visit your area.  The answer is "Yes, I'd love to!"  But we kinda need to be officially brought in by a promoter.  So, if you're interested, have your church or school (or a collaborative effort of a few churches/schools!) give my booking agents a call!   It will just be myself and my guitar player, Scotty, we'll have a little Storyteller/Worshipful evening, and I'll bring my camera and take a few pictures of your town!  ;)

Hope to see you!


Tiffany said...

Would you be able to do An Evening with Aaron Shust DVD?

Mayra said...

Oh my gosh! I would looooove for you to come to Houston! That would be so awesome.

We were travelling at night when we were coming to Mexico, and I got to see the stars shining more brightly than ever before. It was amazing all the stars I could see in the sky!

Aaron Shust said...

ha. "baby steps", Tiffany :)

and very cool Mayra, have a great holiday in Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Dear Aaron
Im going to tell you something.
My name is leyanet and I live in GA. IM 17 year old. People are not aware of this disability. they dont know nothing about Deaf. They dont know about Our culture and How we function. How we do in our life. which is why peoples teased me a lots long time ago. People are always asking me what is it i have in my ears or why i talk differently. sometimes it get annoying and sometimes it does not.

Now this Generation are learning about my Disabiltiy of Deaf. They now learing how we used to communcation in our world. how we do differently. Now they want to learn about sign language. to me that is Great feeling. It like they accepting us and they are now learning about this! Thanks to jesus he is doing powerful thing and letting people accepting for who we are. Deaf has been popular in shows, movies and commericals! thanks to jesus! it took me lonng time to accept for who i am and i love myself!

It funny becuase i am listening to Your song Watch over me while i am writing this! i like it better in person like you did Celebrate Freedom Atlanta! It was very meeting you at Celebrate freedom Atlanta!

Thank to jesus and thank to people learning about Deaf awareness!

Brittany said...

We traveled all summer up and around Texas & Florida, when the trip was finally through, we found out we were back on the road again moving from Austin to St.Louis.
It's a different type of missing the road I think, but I know what you mean.
It's really nice now that things have slowed down some, but I would love to be back on the road to Florida or Texas, I love the setting and just being able to relax and look in awe at all of God's creation.

Sorry this was such a long comment.

Lori said...

It would be awesome if you can come to Olympia, WA! I sent your booking number to Evergreen Christian Community Center, the church that I recently seen Matthew West at. I REALLY hope they call, here's hoping! :) ~Lori~ P.S. My husband says: "The Steelers are going all the way!" XD