Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Jesus Is In The Car

My absolute favorite Christmas "Special" to watch on TV is called "The Very First Noel".  It hasn't reached the same level of popularity as the Charlie Brown Christmas Special...which was my favorite until I had kids and realized that they called each other "stupid" the whole time.  Kids pick up on that.  Too bad.  I still watch it. 

Anyhow, I bought The Very First Noel, which is a 25 minute, computer animated "Instant Classic" about the 3 wise men's journey to find the Christ child.  The music is superb, the animation is by the same team who did the Curious George Movie.  Good stuff, Biblical storytelling. 

It's my little boy's favorite Movie.  In General.  Christmas or not.  Except he calls it, "Baby Jesus" or "BeeBee Teasis?"  I include the question mark because he's always asking for it to be played.  We limit his TV time, but when it's time, it's Baby Jesus.   It just lends itself to some pretty funny things said around the house, like this morning.  I needed to run some errands.

"Daniel, let's go for a ride!" I offer.
"Beebee Teasis?" he asks expectantly.
"Yes, you can watch Baby Jesus.  Sarah? Is Baby Jesus in the car?" I call out.
"Inside I think!", she shouts from upstairs.
"Daniel, I think Baby Jesus is in the house.  Let's look."  The search begins.
"ah Beebee Teasis go?!?" Daniel asks, about to give up.
"I don't know, buddy, let's check the car, come on buddy, I think Baby Jesus is in the car."

Baby Jesus was in the car.


Mayra said...

cute! =)

Kimberly said...

Love it! And so glad you wrote it down, because next year, he will actually say "Baby Jesus", and you will miss it... and be go get the camcorder right now!!!

Anonymous said...

I was totally expecting a "Jesus take the wheel" kind of post when I read the headline on my friend kenny's blog.

I like though that you could read this and say, deeper then your little one probably realizes, that yes, Jesus is in the car, and the house, and all around.

Aaron Shust said...

Amen to That Chew. Jesus is everywhere. :)

Mayra said...

Aaron, I'll be in Mexico until the New Year, but I wanted to wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Thank you for adding some extra joy to my Christmas with Christmas songs on youtube and free downloads! May you be blessed this Christmas. Thank you for all that you do. Expressing it in words doesn't seem to be enough!!! =)

Kelly said...

Charlie Brown rocks! :) But I agree - probably not the best thing for kids (who WILL pick up on that). When the Chipmunks movie came out there was one part I just knew was going to stick out with all the kids (Don't know if you've seen that but I'd rather not type it here). Sure enough about 25 of the kids I work with have told me all about that one part of the movie. *sigh*

Merry Christmas to you and your family! God bless you! :)


Anonymous said...

HA HA...
yeah i take care of kids. I worked in daycare and Im in Children Minstry for church in Georgia. i teach kids about god at Church. I was telling little kids about jesus and i ask them do you know Jesus? and they were yes! and I ask do you know Santa Claus and they were clueless.

soo when i said Baby jesus they were like YAY! Baby jesus! but when i said Santa Claus they were like noo! lol lol lol.

Of course im teaching some people from Church sign language. My Deaf Culture.