Monday, October 27, 2008

In The Studio

It's Midnight in the East, but it's only 11pm here in Nashville.  I woke up at 5am and drove up to Franklin, TN actually to meet up with Jason Ingram & Rusty Varenkamp to finally begin recording my third album!  The plan today was to meet up with three homies here in Nashville and record drums, bass and electric for 4 songs.  Jason Gregory played the bass, Ken Lewis played the drums and Adam Lester is currently playing guitar.  Adam came late because he had to fly in from Florida this morning.  Little Australian Rock Star.  He just finished a tour with Peter Frampton.  Adam and I met on the Bebo Norman Dreaming True Tour back in the Fall of 2006.  
Anyhow, these guys have recorded with Jason and Rusty before and so communication is second nature for them, and we jammed on these songs for a little before throwing down some tracks.  I think it's going to be a vibey little places.  and pretty big in others.  :)  I can tell you this much, the songs are going to keep in line with the songs you've already heard: they elevate God's Perfection and confess our need for him.  

So now it's very late (12:52am).  We're going to start up again tomorrow at 9, so it's time for some sleep.  The songs sound incredible, can't wait for you to hear them.  

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

I'm not sure what Kurt Cobain meant when he penned those words, but they were on my mind this morning.  You see, (who ever starts a sentence with "You See" unless it's in a school play?) I'm in Bonneau, SC right now, to perform tonight with Francesca 'I'm Letting Go' Battistelli and NewSong.  Bonneau is small.  My friend Eric Gilbert (who just recorded an incredible Kids CD) is from Alabama and always joked how in movies that took place in the South, people always speak like it's the Civil War.  "No one Towks lahk that, daggum," he'd say.  (okay, he's not that bad)  But he's wrong.  They talk like that in Bonneau.  Lahk digni-fahd ladies & gennelmen

I woke up starving for Breakfast, but there are only Granola and Breakfast bars on the bus, so I caught a ride to the local Handy Mart II.  Tasty Breakfast Sandwiches.  I even wrote a review on Google Maps.   All that to say, this place is small.  

I was talking to Gary while I ate my sandwich back at the church, and he started getting teary eyed talking about bringing the concert in, and the lives it could touch and some of the people who are coming that need to see and feel Christ's love.   He was amazed that we would come!  
I told him, "Gary, I've played shows in big cities and I often feel like the audience just crosses their arms and says, 'How are you going to entertain me more than I was at last week's concert?'  Big cities get concerts all the time.  But you don't & I know that we are going to have a BLAST tonight!"

I'm a city boy.  First Pittsburgh, now Atlanta.  I often find myself wanting to be impressed.  Not my 2 year old.  Last night he gasped in delight when he realized he could pull the straw out of his cup.  Where did we lose the wonder?  Desensitization?  Over-saturation?  I don't gasp like I used to.  It's kinda sad.  

How do we get that back?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From Twitter to Touch

I love Twitter.  It's fun, it's easy, and my friend Casey made a comment about it last week, that I thought was incredibly insightful.  It went something like this: "Twitter is great, it's a way to keep in touch with your friends, without even having to talk to them!"  

In a sense, he's right.  Then next time Brandon Heath and I chat, I'll know what he's been up to, because I keep up with him on Twitter.  I know my friend Harrison stubbed his toe a couple days ago.   My Mom knew that I had a Doctor's appointment today, because she follows me on Twitter.   It IS a form of communication.  And a lesser one.  

Consider someone about to lose their job.  Or maybe they're about to receive the unpleasant end of a break-up.  There are some conversations that must be done face to face.  We've seen it in movies, "You're breaking Up with me?!?  Over the PHONE??!?"  Can you imagine how irate you would be if you were informed that you were fired in an EMAIL?  With a TEXT??  What if you found out by following your bosses Twitter account?  "I fired Aaron today...felt good."  When something important has to be communicated, you do it face to face.

I have a cold.  I can't hug or kiss my family lest they get sick.  Try explaining to a 2 year old why "Daddy can't hold you" or "Daddy can't play right now", when that's all you want to do.  

Think about how when God wanted to communicate Salvation to His children, he wanted us to do more than just read about it by following His account.  He came in the flesh!  

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Daniel's 2nd Birthday. We had an incredible day from Pillsbury Orange rolls for B'fast to lunch at a Park with Sarah's sister's fam and cupcakes. From a little nap (and a natural gas leak scare!) to my Parents and my brother's fam coming over for dinner. (which was fantastic but gave me heartburn)  (Dinner, not my family)

We got Daniel a Radio Flyer Big Wheel which he loved and between that and a little stuffed Elmo we gave him right before bed, I was reminded why it's better to give than to receive.

When I receive something, I'm often honored, thrilled, grateful, etc. But when I see how someone else feels those emotions because of a gift Given...I can rarely hold back the tears! Daniel GASPED when he saw Elmo, gave it a gentle hug, patted its back and whispered 'Emmo'.

He fell asleep happy...and 3 hours past his bedtime! Happy Birthday, son.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thank You, Jesus, for this touchdown, Amen.

Tonight 8:15pm.  It's ON.  Too bad the Steelers aren't playing Jacksonville next week, when I have a show in...Jacksonville.  

Here's something to talk about: I'm not sure where I land on this.  People who accept awards, no matter what the award is for, always "thank God, first and foremost"  Sometimes, it's common knowledge that the person doesn't even acknowledge God by the way they live.   Sometimes I wonder if people feel like they need to thank God because it's the right thing to do.  Then I feel weird about the people who didn't win the award: nominated or not even nominated: as if God didn't want them to "win" (Which is ridiculous to assume).  This is especially weird to me in two areas.  Ministry Awards and Sports. 

The Dove Awards have a category for Best Worship Leader.  I just think that's strange. While it's an honor to receive any award or nomination, I feel like it takes away from the other hard working, God pursuing people whose work is just as pleasing to God (quite possibly: only He knows)

Then sports.  I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.  I know it's just a game: but man, when we're playing against the Bengals for example, and they score a touchdown, I throw things at the television (pillows, soft things) and when I see a Bengal player point up to Heaven or kneel in the endzone, I always think, "God's not a Bengals fan!"  (I know he's not a Steeler fan or any other fan either)  But I just wonder if we give credit to God for some wrong things.   Sure He gives us life and breath and a mind that can learn how to throw and catch a football...maybe it's innocent.   I always point to the sky at the end of a show if people cheer for me.  I direct them to God.   He deserves the praise.  

anyhow: discuss ;)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That Smells Incredible!

I was just pouring my third cup of morning Joe, Nantucket Blend in my Jamaican mug, about to head out to the back porch and continue my morning breakfast ritual with my family, when lightning struck.   I said, "Sarah, I have a good blog idea!"  Now I'm no Louie Giglio, Tony Nolan or Randy Schlichting when it comes to taking everyday experiences and gleaning spiritual application from them.  But I try to be.  ;)

Last night after I kissed Daniel goodnight, I headed downstairs and there was an incredible, strong aroma throughout the whole floor.   I couldn't place it.  I knew we were having Sarah's incredible 'meatball soup' (the current name until we make a better one) but it was just leftovers, so I shouldn't smell it yet.  Then I thought, "Charcoal!" I went outside, but smelled no one barbecuing.  I now started to run inside, a bit worried.  The oven was off.  No incense burning.  No candles.  I followed my nose to the sink area, then opened the dishwasher which was on 'Heat Dry'.  A single wooden spoon had fallen onto the heat coil and was veritable charcoal.  My nose was right the first time.  I just didn't know it was in my house.  I caught it in time.  That was the best smelling potential house fire I've ever encountered.  

Here's my attempt at a life lesson:  Things that are devastatingly dangerous to our well being (whether physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, etc) are often disguised as safe, pleasant, enticing, inviting and even incredible smelling.  But unless they are identified accurately, swiftly and promptly 'nipped in the bud'...they can burn your house down.