Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Or the Studio actually.  I drove up yesterday from Atlanta to Nashville.  It was mid 70's in Atlanta, and I hadn't checked the weather in Nash.  I thought I'd better bring a jacket last minute just in case.   When I drove over the mountain in Chattanooga, I was driving through a veritable cloud and the other side was freezing.  I made it to the studio, got out of the car, took my sandals off and had my sambas all ready.  Anyhow. 

We recorded 3 songs yesterday, Rest In The Arms, potentially my favorite; Still You Love Me, perhaps my favorite message and Breathe In Me, perhaps the most gorgeous song on the album.  We broke for burritos (well, 4 of us got fish tacos which were fabulous) and at the end of the day, Jason and I went over to Ian Eskelin's to finish polishing a song called Nothing We Can Do.   A combination of themes found in Romans 3:23 and 8:38.  Once we perfected that as well as we could, Jason started plucking a pretty little riff on the acoustic and singing a line, Ian got all excited and the two of them started spewing genius lyrics.  I went to the piano and tried to add pretty sounds.  Needless to say, we landed on a pretty killer song, that is so killer, we'll probably cut one of the ones we wanted to do for a better one!

It's amazing what can happen in one day in Nashville.  Sleep not being one of those things.

Day 2 begins with the recording of Forevermore, a song I led in church this past weekend to positive acceptance, I believe.  Rusty's wife made coffee and brought down muffins.  House studios rock. 

James Gregory (bass) and I chillin on the couch whilst Adam finishes guitars on Forevermore.


Busy Mom said...

When will the new album release? My kids are going to be thrilled!! Best of blessings in your adventure. They still talk about the Peoria concert.

Chris said...

Looking forward to the new album, Aaron, and thanks a great deal to leading us in worship Sunday. It was my first Sunday back from India and was a real treat. Thanks for your hard work and devotion to our King.

Aaron Shust said...

hey guys. no clue on the release date yet. a lot of things to be figured out first. I'm guessing sometime in the summer though.

thx for your encouragement. :)

cleanaturalady said...

I can't wait until the album is released. It sounds like it is going to be another winner. Keep writing and singing and using you gift.
God Bless,

Mayra said...

Yay!!! Maybe sometime in the summer??? That's awesome cuz I thought surely it would be in the Fall. I'm excited to hear that you are working with Jason. He has helped pen some of my favorite songs such as 'By your Side.'

Anyways, I can't wait to hear your new music and I will be praying for you during this recording process!

Lori said...

Aaron, I know just by seeing the titles of these songs that I'm going to love them! Thank you for all you are doing in His Name. ~Lori~

Diana said...

How awesome! I love hearing how a group of you guys can come together without a "plan" and come up with a song - just like that. Isn't it just like God to give you a gift like that?

Diana said...

LOL - I use to think fish tacos sounded really yucky, but then I had one, and I love fish tacos!!

Brian said...

continue to be used by God.
great job.

grace and peace,