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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 08, What's on your plate?

Hey, welcome to 09.  I just got home from 9 days away visiting family.  I love my family to death and I had a GREAT time in both Toccoa, Georgia and Sarasota, Flordia, but regardless being away from your own bed is always a little tiring.   So, it's good to be home.  The tree will come down tomorrow though, and while my brain will explode if I hear one more beautiful Christmas song, it is a little sad.  

I drove down to Sarasota to see Sarah's folks and brought my Mom along to drop her off in Clermont to visit her mom.  Well my Mom is incredibly insightful, and if I can ever convince her to start a blog, you should quit mine and follow hers.   She likes to watch license plates on long trips.  Every once in a while she'll just say random things like, "Dixie Girl!"  and after the confusion settles, I'll notice the car in front of us has DXY GRL on the plate.   One car we saw said "BOSSY 1"  No imagination necessary.   We found it humorous that she'd place that description on her plate.  Mom said, "What if everyone had the description of who they really were on their plate?"


What would be on Your plate?

...looking forward to a potentially insightful year. 


Mayra said...

Hmmm, That's tough....

4GIVEN OR MELODY ORRRRR if I drove a yellow car I'd want it to be QUESO. haha.

Lori said...

That's funny. When I was a kid, my family drove from Washington state to Florida, (and back), and I remember getting so bored in the car that I would amuse myself doing the same thing, reading license plates! The only difference is that I would try to pronounce them as if they were real words and my younger brothers and I would have a good laugh! :)
I think I would put something like, "ROSAMIA", after my daughter, Angela Rose, or "ITALIANA" on my plates.

Mayra said...

what would yours be?

Aaron Shust said...

Queso made me laugh.

and WA - FL round trip? wow. mamma mia.

I think "IDIOT" or IDIOT BOY would work if I could fit it.

Aaron Shust said...

well, i just got lovingly scolded by my Mom for calling myself an idiot. She reminded me that God never places "idiot" as a tag on anybody. I guess I should clarify that I only meant that in jest, as I am a fallen creature (yes, saved by grace) that makes idiotic decisions daily. I wasn't beating myself up. Sorry if it seemed that way.

cleanaturalady said...

I think most of the time Dazed and Confused (DZD&CNFSD)would sum it up. I am afraid to say that though, for fear that your mom will think I am not giving God enough credit.

Aaron Shust said...

ha! that's funny. no worries, I'm sure she understands, I get what you're saying too. I already admitted that I'm dazed and confused in a song. so I'd say you're safe...i never got 'scolded' for that lyric ;)
thx for commenting

Diana said...

I think mine would be SMPL LUV - I'm trying to understand that concept - simply love or love simply - something I think Jesus would do.


cleanaturalady said...

Hey, no problem. That is one of my favorite songs. I am always looking for God to give me some words. They seem to escape me so often.

Lori said...

DUDE! I was just about to side with your mom and "kick your behind" (out of love, of course) :) for saying you'd put "idiot boy" on your plates until I read what you meant. I totally understand, and I feel the same way. It's amazing that God, in His overwhelming love and mercy, keeps forgiving us no matter how often we fall.
You have a humble heart, Aaron. God bless you! :)

JustMe said...

I'd like to embed some kind of not so famous Bible verse to send people looking it IS26 4 which is a favorite of mine. I've heard you have to be sneaky these days so the DMV folks don't censor you on the God stuff.

Although IDIOT is pretty fun too! I guess self flagellation is totally allowable under the law.

Tunafish said...

I dunno... maybe TUNA F if TUNAFISH doesn't fit. GSUS FREK would be awesome! (no offense but that's a pretty cool song) PLNSONG (plainsong) is one of the earliest kinds of music so I'm like addicted to it. I'm probably not going to get a car anytime soon though. :(