Saturday, January 10, 2009

On The Road Again

Hey all, Aaron Shust here, live from the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Aeroport.  I like to call it ATL.  Duffy (above) and I are heading out for my first gig of the year in Ocean City Maryland.  I want you to know that I'm missing the Steeler game (and every other game this weekend for that matter) in the name of love.  One more in the name of love.   Zito (road manager and sound guy for this gig) called last night and said that Philadelphia is expecting serious delays today and thought maybe we should change our flights to route through Charlotte instead where we'd meet Josh and Zito.  We'd have to be at the airport at 9am instead of noon though. :(  But it's better than getting stuck in Philly and missing the show.   So instead of playing with my kid this morning, I left without even saying good morning.  Bummer.  He's getting old enough to cry when I leave and plead, "Daddeee, Tay Peas!" (Stay please.)  So it's good to be loved, but it's sad leaving. 

So you've had some questions, I'll try to answer:

When does the new album release?  No clue.  Could be as late as September, with the first single coming out a few months prior.  Could be late Spring.  TBD  (I'd prefer earlier)

Have you ever googled yourself? Only when I need to find an image or graphic to use on this blog or myspace, etc.  I don't like looking for news or reviews:  invariably, bad news will pop up, and the criticism is rarely constructive, only damaging. 

What is a yog?  A Jog.  A Ron Burgundy-ism

That about covers it.  Pray Sterling makes it on time today: He's Scotty's sub from Yuma and still has to fly through Philly!  I'll keep you posted on Twitter.



Melody Joy Francis said...

alot of people seem to think the Steelers are gonna win the super bowl......interesting. I have to confess that I voted for the Giants! :0)

cleanaturalady said...

Good luck in your first show of the new year. I'll bet it is hard to leave your family like that. Praying for safe landings and a blessed show.
Thanks for clearing up the yog thing. I thought maybe you just didn't know how to type ;)

Mayra said...

Aww, hearing Daniel say that must break your heart =/

Hopefully, you enjoyed football with the guys!

Melody Joy Francis said...

Sorry to bother you yet again! LOL I know you are on the road and quite busy, so if you can't get back to me on this one for awhile, no worries. I would really like to send Meredith Andrews a thank you note and haven't been able to locate a fan mail address for her and I know this is a shot in the dark and I hope you are not offended by this question, but would you happen to have any idea where i might locate an address for her? Again I apologize for bothering you with this! Hope you are having a good Sunday and enjoy the games today! God bless! ~Mel

Tunafish said...

You didn't put the Jaguars up so I had to go with the Steelers. :P I'm not a real big football fan and don't keep tags on any sport what-so-ever so I'm at loss. I just listen to your music, man I feel kinda left out seeings as lots of people have a connection to you one way or another. Have fun rockin' at the concert!

Dan said...

Aaron, here is the deal. Jets are out (such a collapse), so I'll root for the steelers as long as you can promise they will beat the Giants in the Super Bowl. :)

Melody Joy Francis said...

THANK YOU! You are too kind! :0) SO much for my Giants :-(. *Sigh*

Lori said...

My husband is waving his terrible towel, the Steelers won! WOO HOO!(We met in PA).
May God be with you and keep you safe in your travels. Love you, bro!