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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sterling Bloomfield, Ladies and Gentlemen

I told Sterling he's getting a blog dedicated to himself.  This is it.  

Got a gig offer last summer for a United Methodist Regional Youth Conference in Ocean City, MD for Jan 11th, 2009.  I accepted and one of the next steps is letting my band know about the date.  Some of you may have figured out that I'm a solo artist which means if I want a band, I hire the players.  I believe in strength in community and consistency, so I've worked on finding the right sound and chemistry and have found it in Duffy, Josh and Scotty.  However, sometimes they're not available because of prior commitments with other bands or a wedding: whatever.  So I have to have great back-ups.  

Duffy would miss his own wedding to play for me: so I've never had to even think about that.  If Josh is out with Dave Barnes, Ashley Appling is a Killer drummer (check out his site: all you aspiring drummers) but I haven't had a back-up for Scotty.  
Scotty tells me in September, "dude I'm out on a month long tour in January with Jessie Baylin, but there's this kid at my church who plays just like me and even kinda looks like me: I could teach him your songs, and you won't even know I'm not there."  Bingo.  I flew Sterling Bloomfield, who just turned 17, out to Ocean City from Yuma, Arizona (via Phoenix, Philly and Salisbury) to play a 45 minute set on Sunday morning and fly him home in time for school on Monday.   He learned all the songs over Christmas break, playing every single nuance that Scotty plays, and when he arrived at the tiny Salisbury airport, his pedal board (the custom collection of pedals that creates the sounds we all enjoy from electric guitars) didn't show up!  Lost in transit somewhere between Yuma and Salisbury!  

After much debate on what to do (just trio? acoustic set?) Duffy gave Sterling his tuner pedal and I gave him my Delay Pedal I use on my Piano (which he'd never used before) Duffy gave him a 2 minute tutorial, and after striking one of the two amps he planned to use, we rocked the show.  And he sounded amazing.   

Basically he created a HD signal with rabbit ears. 
He painted a colorful Monet with black and white crayons.  
He ran a marathon with a peg leg.  And won. 

I have a back up.   Sterling Bloomfield ladies and gentlemen. 


Tunafish said...

That's GREAT! I love it how GOD provides for us. GOD is good, all the time. All the time, GOD is good. Amen, hallelujah. GOD bless!

Julia said...

What? Duffy is getting married??? I heard a rumor that you were in the gym this Sunday...hope to see you and Sarah and the boys! :)

Aaron Shust said...

ha. no. duffy Would miss his own wedding. ..not will. we'll be there sunday :)

cleanaturalady said...

What a cute kid (yea, I am old, I can say that). I am glad the show went well.

JustMe said...

A bright future ahead, I'd say, for that one....

Mayra said...

Congrats Sterling (AKA MacGyver)!!! I don't know much about tuner pedals or delay pedals, but it sounds like you have the ability to drown a fish or cook a four course meal with just a microwave and a spatula...haha. But Seriously, Great Job.

Melody Joy Francis said...

Mayra, your comment made me laugh out loud! hehe :0)

Andy and Miranda - In Him said...

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for this! Thanks for being humble in what you do, and not requiring that everything go as "you" plan. Thanks for allowing someone who others in the
industry may not see as "professional" help to advance God's Kingdom. May you, Sterling, and everyone else doing God's work be blessed for their faithfulness!
BTW, after we listened to some of your songs on the Pocket PC earlier, I asked Andy who he wanted to hear next, and he said, "Anyone with the name Aaron
Shust." So, I started to name other bands, and he says, "Wonder what Aaron would say if he found out he's now a part of that band?" Just thought I'd share
the funny moment.

Andy and Miranda - In Him

Julia said...

OK good, because you're right...Duffy would skip his own wedding to play bass for you ;)

John-Brick said...

Hey Aaron! Have you ever played airsoft? If you have do you like it? ROCK ON!!!

Dan said...

Hey Aaron,

I just saw that you will be at Rock The Sound in NYC, along with Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Newsboys, and Tenth Avenue North. :O :O

Buying tickets as soon as they go on sale... lol. See you July 31-Aug 1! :P

Melody Joy Francis said...

We sing MSMG at our church! :0)

Della said...

I tried to get - Create in Me- (Your Song PLAYED on our local + Christian Radio Station ) Right now they're MINDS are more into the Football Game >>>>> STEELERS Vs. Ravens- And I laughed when I saw the photo of YOU in a STEELERS Football--- HELMET <> on MY SPACE .com , OH ! LET'S GO - STEELERS - AND Win ! We're all standing - Shouting ! GOOooOOOOooooooOOOO-----STEELERS ! Black & Gold ! YOU CAN WIN IT ! :: DELLA ::

Della said...

Best Wishes to Sterling B.!!! God surely will use such a Gifted young Fellow ,I sang & played Guitar for my highschool- Variety-Talent Show at Age 17 and I Felt God's Anointing on Me,then . It's Remarkable---To Be Used BY God at such a young age, I recall God Filling Me Inside with Rivers of Living WATER as I Sang and Played ! Hope God Blesses You ALL- ! You really give your BEST !

Mayra said...

Do you know if the Airline ever found Sterling's pedal board? I hope so!

Aaron Shust said...

oh yeah. kinda left you on a cliffhanger.
they found his pedal board. good thing: he'll need it tomorrow.