Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where In the World...?

Hey guys.  I'm trying to find out WHERE I found this photo.  We MAY use it for a Tour Poster if I can get permission from the photographer and he/she can send us a higher resolution!  I found it on someone's myspace last year.  It's from a show I did at California Baptist University, Sept 13, 2007 in Riverside, California.   If anyone knows anything, send some info to mitch@bhccmgt.com if you would.  

Here's to hoping. :)



Mayra said...

Really wish I could help you out! Hope you find the missing photo. Supposedly, there's six degrees of seperation b/w everyone..haha.

Pokinatcha said...

I emailed my friend that went to that school, but he graduated June of 'o7. Maybe he'll know something.

Aaron Shust said...

Bingo. Found it. Kaci Pacheco found it. Yeah Kaci!

Poppy Driskell said...

hey aaron! it's poppy! was just looking at your blog to see what was going on. saw you were going to be in franklin in february - but by invitation only - ugh! would love to see you guys, meet your boys and catch up sometime. let us know when you get some ample time in nashville!