Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't Jump

I got home from a somewhat local show last night around 11:30pm.   I led worship and did 'special music' for a Revival at a Baptist Church down the road in little Monroe, GA.  Great town, great people, great food.  They took really good care of me.   For those of you who don't know what a Revival is, this is not the unplanned revival that happens when the Spirit of God points out areas of your life that need work and you actually listen to Him, this is a time where the church gets together every night for a few days and a speaker speaks and singers sing, and hopefully, the Spirit does what I just mentioned He's prone to do, and hopefully we respond. :)

Anyway, I came home and Sarah was still awake, so we talked about the evening, and as we were getting ready to go to bed and started turning off the lights downstairs, she told me, "I think you need to make more money."  I paused and thought about all that she could possibly mean.  I'm thinking, "well, I could try to play more often, I'd hate to raise my price for no good reason, ...I feel I'm doing the best I can."   So without saying anything, I just kinda stopped and looked at her, like, "I...don't know what to do with that."

Then she realized what I thought she meant.  See, a couple days ago, Daniel found some money in Sarah's Bible that was given to us by a relative for both boys.  He was having a blast with it, using it as a flying carpet for some of his toy men.  I thought that wasn't the best idea, and he got very sad when I took it from I decided to draw him one.  I placed my Great Grandfather on the bill instead of Ulysses S. Grant & explained to Daniel that this was Pappy's Pappy.  (All 3 of them named Daniel Nicholas Shust)  ...and Sarah simply thought that I should make (draw) some more money...for Daniel to play with.   ...ah Ha!

Proverbs 25:8 says, "Don't jump to conclusions-there may be a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw"  ...or in my case 'heard'.   My story was a harmless thing we laughed about immediately...but how often do we find ourselves believing what we want to believe about something or someone that may not be true at all?   God, help us take a baby-step toward holiness today and heed the advice in Proverbs 25:8. 


Mayra said...


I remember when you used to do polls, they were fun!

Anita Koller said...

First of all, you are a great artist!

Second, what a good daddy to make something so special for his little boy.

Third this sort of thing just happened the other day between my husband and I when we were discussing the remodeling of our 45 year old kitchen. I mentioned something to the effect of needing to start purchasing the counter top one side at a time, and he thought I meant we needed to replace the counter top one piece at a time. He argued that we can't do that, that not a good idea. I was baffled that he didn't want to start buying the stuff to remodel the kitchen. We finally got on the same page. I think the Lord showed me that my husband and I often times have different wave links.

Here's a funny video that might make you think about how different women and men are in their thought process

Anita Koller said...

Oops that link doesn't work...This one will

Kimberly said...

Wow! I totally thought that was a drawing of your Dad!

Jake T. said...

I remember you drawing a picture of me and some girl spent the next 6 months chasing at me.

By the way, that may be a dead-ringer of a pic of your Great Grandfather, but my first reaction was: "why'd he draw JoePa on that money?"

To your greater point: I know I need to do a better job of not jumping to conclusions about people.

BrikHed said...

WOW - that is a great drawing, nicely done. Your story was your second great "illustration" in this post. A thoughtful lesson that ALL of us can use at some point in our daily lives.

Tunafish said...

Great drawing! Ha ha, that's really funny!

Aaron Shust said...

Jake, that's hilarious! I never even thought that. the funny thing is, if you read Kim's comment, that my Dad and Great Grandfather (PAW'-pa SHOOST) look a lot alike. (Daniel (my son) thought that it was Pappy on the bill.) ...and my Dad, back in the day, would get mistaken for Paterno when he would work at the PIT airport. He was just telling me how people would say things like "good game, coach" as they passed him. black hair, tinted glasses. JoePa.

Dan said...

Good point Aaron, but that is hard to follow. At least in my job, politics are a very real part of everyday work, and you have to spend so much energy/time analyzing what people say/write, it becomes difficult to not bring that into your personal life.

And conference calls fun? You must be joking... lol.

lois said...

Great story. I'll be pondering all day. So so so true.

Melody Joy Francis said...

What's a sub woofer?

Aaron Shust said...

A subwoofer is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of bass audio frequencies, from perhaps 150 Hz down as far as 20 Hz.

thank you wikipedia.

...thx for all your comments erbody