Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I traveled to Pittsburgh for the Superbowl to watch with many of my Pittsburgh friends, and contracted a nice little sore throat the first night up there.  My friends made sure we had a humidifier on in the room and my family is fine, but I woke up with a painful throat.  It progressed over the weekend and by the time we crammed 48 people into the Witterman house for the Superbowl, I think I killed my voice trying to talk over the excited din of fellow Pittsburgh fans. 
Usually my voice returns the morning after I use it too much.  But 3 full days later, I'm still whispering.  I've had to cancel a gig tonight (happening right now without me) 2 meetings, a recording and a radio interview so I can stay home and get my voice back for the concert tomorrow in Corinth, MS with Mr Crowder and his band.   

But I'm also listening and reviewing my new songs for the new album.  It's strange to think that's me singing.  Hearing myself do what I, at the moment, can no longer do.  It's scary actually, will my voice ever come back?  What if it doesn't?  What will I do and who will I be if my voice doesn't come back?  Am I a singer?  Or am I simply a child of God that can be loved by Him, and love others and be used by Him, even if I'm hoarse for the rest of my life. 

Job lost his family and his livelihood.  What could you not possibly imagine God taking from you?  Would you be able to say in the words of Job 1:21 "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised"


Pokinatcha said...

The use of my hands. I was in a car accident & could hardly use them for about 2 years. I pray I never have a relapse & that I would be able to have Job's attitude.

cleanaturalady said...

The great thing about God is that even when something is taken from us, he still finds a way to use us if we rely on him and allow our hearts to be open to the possibilities that he has for us. His name can be praised in the small and the large things that we do every day.
Rest your voice. I have a feeling God is not finished using you in that way yet.

Kimberly said...

So great seeing some old friends.
I know you had a blast!

I will be praying for your voice to return, use this time to REST! You never know what God has up His sleeve, maybe he needs you quiet? What's He speaking to you right now?
Hmmm....could be a new song for your "senior" album. Is that what #4 is called?

Can't wait to hear #3!

Anita Koller said...

First all, being that I live in Missouri, you can only guess how I felt about the Super Bowl.

Second, you should rest the cords I can't wait for your new album!

Mayra said...

wow, i hope you are well enough to sing with dcb! chucks, the only thing missing at that concert is me! haha.

I'm kind of afraid to type out what I can't imagine God taking away from me for fear that it will happen, but I suppose I will.

I'm afraid of losing all my family at the same time, and I also fear the loss of my sight or hearing. Will I truly be thankful in those circumstances? Hopefully, I won't be tested.

Tunafish said...

Heal soon! I guess that I can't say that I've been without something like Job and so on. But if I would loose something, I'm sure that it would help me out a LOT. I suppose that I did lose control over my bloody nose for a few times but it was only over within half an hour at the latest. Can't wait to hear your next album. Even if you don't have your voice back, I'll still be touched by it.

Lori said...

God has allowed many difficult challenges for me. From extreme marriage issues, to my apartment flooding, to my husbands' casino habits causing financial issues to the point of bankruptcy. I sometimes feel that I can't take anymore challenges, but I know that God promises that He will not allow anything to happen beyond what we can handle. If it weren't for Gods' help, I would have definitely lost it by now. God alone is my strength in life. Who else can guide me through? Who else can I depend on? He teaches me that in order for me to be forgiven for the sins that I daily commit, I need to learn to daily forgive others for the hurt that they have caused me. It is so hard, but He is faithful, and I thank Him for His patience. What I would find the most difficult to lose is my daughter. Would I be able to continue to praise God if that were to happen? I pray that I would. He alone would be my comfort in my pain, just as He has always been. God gives and takes away. Just as in one of my favorite songs by "Casting Crowns" that I wrote the words to in my blog, "I will praise You in this storm..." May we continue to praise Him always, in every circumstance.

baylormum said...

The use of my legs. Can't imagine the patience and strength in using a wheelchair.

The one thing that can't be taken is my love for Jesus. No one can keep me from continuing a walk with Him.

Tell Mark of dc*b that Amanda's mom said hi! She hates it when I "embarrass" her. :)

Anonymous said...

Go visit the Voice Clinic at Vanderbilt up here in Nashville if you keep having trouble with your voice.

There are a number of things that could've happened with the talking-over everybody and cheering during the game. And they can give you some good tips for things to do that'll help you not lose your voice when you use it a lot.

Get well soon!

(Speech Pathologist in training)

suchimpulse said...

I write my "God poems" - inspired by people, places, whispers from God, as well as shouts from God when he needs my attention. If a few days go by and I don't write a poem - I wonder - is it gone? Did God take it as quickly as he gave it? But it wouldn't matter, because it brought me closer to Jesus, and nothing can change that - so I could live it with - it would be weird - but I could find another way to tell God I love him.