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Friday, February 13, 2009

San Valentino

Valentine's Day plans: Spill em! Are you planning to do anything?
Before Sarah decided she wanted to hang out with me forever, I once went to a greasy spoon and ordered one hamburger and one hot dog. All my friends were on dates. So sad stories are okay too.

We...aren't really big on holidays (besides T-day, Christmas and birthdays sorta), so we're not dressing up in red and going to a nice restaurant. (but if you're doing that, it's cool) we're dropping one of my favorite meals to my friends Julia and Hayden, cause Julia just had a baby! (I'm not telling you what we're bringing, Julia, you'll have to wait to find out!) then we're all driving up to hang out with my parents and brother's family for the day...and even spend the night. It really has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, it's just the weekend. Dad is BBQ'ing ribs which will be amazing and take up 2 bottles of BBQ sauce probably. Probably not, but they're good. So it feels more like Memorial Day, but hey, there's a lot of love bouncing around in our family. So here's to San Valentino.

So back to my question: what's your plan? Don't worry, I doubt your spouses/better halves will read this. You won't spoil anything.


cleanaturalady said...

We are going to play Bunko. It is a fun and simple dice game. I am in a Bunko group and for Valentine's day we do Couple's Bunko and we bring our husbands along for fun. It really is quite a lot of fun. Food, friends and fun (and maybe winning some $). That is our plan. ♥

Julia said...

Our plans are to visit with you guys and receive that amazing meal...and you know Hayden...somehow COPS must be incorported! and probably some LOST episodes. ;) Our anniversary is next weekend so no big plans really. Can you believe that was 5 years ago?

We can't wait to see you guys!!!

Dan said...

Sadly, my day will be consisting of mostly work :\ No significant other at the moment, and work is crazy right now.

Let's see if I win the "Most Boring Valentine's Day of 2009" Award. ;)

Aaron Shust said...

ah dude. it's all good. Happy Valentines Day, Dan the Man!

CNL, have fun playing Bunko.

and Julia, see ya tomorrow.

Mayra said...

*sigh* my single friends and I have decided to celebrate SINGLE AWARENESS DAY (SAD) by going out to eat, watching a movie, and beating a heart shaped pinata!!!! I'm not even joking. haha.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! We love because he first loved us. =)

I hope I don't sound bitter...beating a pinata is FUN! haha.

Tunafish said...

I'm gonna go to a dinner with my family and some friends. There's also a couple other parties that are going on around me but I wasn't invited. :( Dinner's cool though. The rest of the day will just be a normal weekend thing. Have fun!

Melissa said...

Oh Aaron-Thanks for being a chum and saying that " Melissa has not changed at all since Kindergarten "--- What a nice compliment ,I'm your first fan , and was apparently your ONLY friend from grade- schooldays ! You're still a cool dude , Happy Valentine's Day ! I'm still the same girl after all these years, Hum ? Next time I listen to an interview with you on WORD-FM 101.5 - I'll be thinking... of how GEEKY you were back in the good old days ! Ha , Ha , Ha ! He who laughs last - LAUGHS BEST !!! How embarrassing ! Well - Hope You have loads of fun - this weekend , anyway ! Also- I listened to your newest interview done on Jan. 30 , on Pittsburgh's 101.5 - Christian Radio !
You haven't changed either !!! ~ Melissa ~

Anita Koller said...

Eating Uno's Pizza and Hot Wings and playing Wii!

Lori said...

I think I tied with Dan. I'm married, but to broke to do anything. We can't even go out to eat and there isn't much in the fridge to make anything special. It all wouldn't matter so much if I at least heard, "I love you", but oh well.
Dan, try not to feel so bad. It's better to be single and alone than married and alone. A relationship with God is what life is really all about. He is our True Love.
Mayra, sometimes I feel like beating a heart shaped pinata to. Although it sounds very fun, (and therapeutic!) there is nothing better than letting God fill the emptiness in our hearts. He's awesome! XD

Mayra said...

Oh, Thanx Lori. I do try to fill myself with the Lord. I'm mostly satisfied, but sometimes it does get lonely. I don't necessarily think the longing is wrong since God didnt make man to be alone. Anyways, thanxs again for the advice. =)

Melody Joy Francis said...

My boyfriend made Lasagna for me and we had a nice candlelit dinner for Valentines day! :0) Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I wrote you that letter like 3 weeks ago, just haven't had a chance to get it in the mail yet, but it really is coming. It's sitting right on my dresser, I just keep running out the door everyday without it. Maybe if I tape it to the door tonight before I go to bed, I will remember :0). Trust you had a blessed weekend with your family! God bless! ~Mel

Lori said...

No, the longing isn't wrong at all, sweetie. (I hope I didn't give the impression that it was.) I totally understand how you're feeling. I felt the same way when I was younger and single. Just don't do what I did and rush into a relationship. Wait patiently, and the right man will come into your life in Gods' time. Love, ~Lori~

Dan said...

Thanks for the advice Lori. If anything, according to some people I move too slow ;) I finally have my education all completed and a solid career, so just looking to the future. I'll keep what you said in mind. :)

Donika said...

My valentine day's plans were to work pretty much all day and celebrate my bro's birthday when he and his friends got back from Disney world. (they went for his bday since he got in free for his bday). Then on Valentine's day I woke up without a voice so i was sick on Vday too. I'm not complaining because it could have been worse and I am feeling better today! PTL!!!