Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watch Over Me: Part III

My voice is almost completely back.  Which is good, I'm recording today.  Last Thursday I was in Corinth, MS when many of you were praying that my voice would return in time for the evening show (thank you.  it did, Praise God!)  and Sarah, my wife, called me that afternoon to see how I was feeling and told me she had a God Story to tell me.  She's not the kind of person that just throws around 'God stories', so I took notice.  She started by saying, "Just so you know up front, everyone's fine: no one is hurt."  While that was supposed to comfort me, it strangely made me a little tense.  

She had just laid Nicky down for a nap and determined to not pick him up in the event he cried.  Too much of that and your kid will never learn to fall asleep on his/her own.  She crossed the hall to play with Daniel and build some towers with blocks.  Nicko started to cry and even as she was thinking "let him go", she stood up to check on him.  When she walked into the room, she felt an urgency to remove him from the room immediately, even though he was sound asleep again (within seconds!)  The same urgency, she said, as if the room were on fire.    She scooped him up and laid him on Daniel's bed, and now he's crying.  "What Mom wakes up a finally sleeping infant?", she asked me.   Then she walked back into the nursery to see what in the world her problem was...and the shelf fell out of the wall and into the crib!   She said she just stood there with her jaw to the floor. 

I'm still at a loss for words.  How Cool that God would choose to spare us the potential trauma that little Nicky could have experienced, by impressing on Sarah to act contrary to logic.  Granted we still have accidents and bruises and spilt blood, and tragic things happen to God's children every day.  But every once in a while, God reminds us that He IS involved in our daily lives...and that He's watching over us!  

Any "God Stories" out there?  Where it was obvious that God stepped in?


Aaron Shust said...

actually the best response is simply. "Thank You, God!"

Tunafish said...

Yay! That's great, both that you got better and that GOD prompted Sarah to pick up Nicky and saved him from the shelf. I find GOD stories so cool! I'm afraid that I don't have any spectacular GOD stories, but I'm sure be encouraged when I hear them. I'm aware of GOD a lot but I just feel His overpowering sense of peace. Still, that's enough for me!

Lori said...

That is awesome! Praise God! Yes, I do have a God story very similar to that! My husband and I used to ride our bikes everywhere before we were able to get a car. One night, I was in a really good, playful mood and I was determined to speed ahead and try to beat my husband home. It was around midnight, so there was hardly any traffic. I took a quick glance behind me, it appeared safe, so I sped up to cross the freeway entrance. I had absolutely NO intention to stop. I thought I heard a very faint, "Stop!". I ignored it. Then I heard it again. I hit my brakes just past the edge of the cross way. (I should have skid, but it was amazingly smooth.) A HUGE truck sped directly in front of me! The front of my tire was no more than a foot away from it. All I could do was stand in awe, freaked out at how close I was to getting killed as I watched the truck continue to speed through the freeway entrance. Thank God that He opened my ears to just barley hear my husbands' voice in the midst of the wind. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't, and my precious daughter would have never been born. Thank You, God! :D
(Oh, cool! Your song "My Savior My God" just started playing on SPIRIT 105.3!)

Yannochka said...

That is an awesome story. Not "awesome" in the way a 11 year old boy would use it, but God Awesome! I love stories like this one.
Glad your son was ok too.

Anita Koller said...

Oh MY!

Okay...here's one. My husband and I decided to take our then 2 year old daughter, 5 year old son, and my 6 month old baby nephew who I was watching that day to the park. For some odd reason I put my nephew's car seat in backwards, he was facing toward the front seat, instead of facing toward the back window. I had also left the handle up, instead of putting it down. Our daughter was on the opposite side in her car seat and our son was in the middle of the middle. Our son kept popping off his seat belt, and I kept reaching back to click it back on. He had did it several times on this trip. He did it one last time, that I did not know about. We came to a stop sign and had come to a stop, one car in front of us. Then all of sudden we were hit from behind. The car that hit us was going at a speed of at least 70 miles an hour. YES! We were at a dead stop. Needless to say, our car spun in circles. Once we stopped moving, all was silent for what seemed forever. Then all of the sudden we heard babies crying in the back seat.

The conclusion. The double stroller in the trunk did not survive, nor did out trunk. Our daughter did not fly out, and our nephew was saved by the handle that kept him from being smashed into the back of the front seat, plus, he didn't have a scratch on him from all broken glass that flew forward from the back window. Our son did not have his seat belt on. The Police said it was a good thing. Because the way the car had bent during the crash, caused the back seat to come in like a V and would have snapped his back in two. His legs were trapped briefly between the back and the front bucket seats, which kept him from being thrown.

Besides a little whiplash, we all came away without a scratch!

Praise God! He is so good! Our son is now 19, our daughter 15 and our nephew 14.

Mayra said...

Praise the Lord that nothing happend to lil Nicky!

I don't have any "God stories," Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Praise be and Glory to God!! HE is so good to us, sometimes we don't realize he is ALWAYS with us. I do have a God story. In 1999 a tornado flipped a trailer upside down and moved it 30 feet off its foundation while we lived just 100 caddy corner yards away. My son wanted to move into that place just 3 months earlier because it had a bigger bedroom for him. I told him no not right now. I praise God for keeping my mind on his path. We experienced a really good shaking, broken windows and strong winds so much that both doors were blown wide open. Pans in the kitchen were blown so hard against the walls they bent. During the train roaring sound that accompanies tornado's I was hugging my 16 year old son's waist at the foot of my bed where we had just seconds to pull the mattress off to cover us. I Yelled out the Lords prayer and steered that tornado away from our home, it went right past our home and damaged the barn directly behind our home. It looked as if it had jumped right through the roof, the metal was standing straight up towards the heavens. The eeriness of the moments after the tornado passed were life changing for us both, to this day I can recall it with such clarity as if it had happened yesterday!
I will say it too, I Thank YOU GOD!!!
God bless all

Donika said...

Praise God that He continuously watches over Nicky and an all of his children! Thank you God!

Melissa said...

My friend's 2 brothers went rafting on the rapids on the Youghiogheny River at Ohio Pyle when their raft got tore up on a sharp rock , so they fell in the freezing water and drifted submerged under water down the River ... a long way ! Suddenly a hiker spots them and rescues them , pulling their water-logged bodies out of the river just in time ! Luckily neither got hyperthermia ! You have to THANK GOD , that He made sure a hiker came along at the right time and then to notice 2 Guys in Trouble ! REMEMBER to wear Helmets & life - jackets when you go White - Water Rafting - You Guys ! Tell others your plans ahead of time ! Many people died getting caught under jutting rocks in this same River , so always be careful and look out for the others in your RAFT !

Thank-You, God for saving lives from near disasters everyday !

Melinda , Hope Google can get their TECH-Problems FIXED on this Commenters >>> Posting -Site !

ServinGsus said...

I have several of those, most having to do with my children, and all of them precious memories I have tucked in my heart. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this because it was a timely reminder for me. It helps to remember that we are HIS children and our Father loves us so much!

Tracy said...

Sam Thomsen, a 13 year old boy in our youth group was killed in the tornado at the Little Sioux camp in Iowa last summer. One of his favorite artists was you and your song, "My Savior, My God" was played at his funeral. Since then, that song has become very special to not only his family but to the kids in our youth group and many others. His parents are amazing people and have been such a light to everyone they have come across.
When they finally made the trek up to the camp in December they were dreading the day. They hadn't been back to the camp since the night he had passed. Sharon was not looking foward to this moment...and then your song came on the radio while they were driving up there. This was interesting because KLOVE was only playing Christmas music. Sharon describes a peace that came over her that really helped her to get through the day. They visited the camp and saw where Sam had passed, and on the way home they played your song again...in the midst of all the Christmas music. There is no limit to how and when God can work in people's lives.

By the way...we are trying to get you up here on June 11th to give a concert on the one year anniversary. Christ for City International sponsors an "Urban Plunge" for teenagers and Sam loved doing this. His parents want to have teens from the community serve in this capacity on the one year anniversary instead of having a service. That is just the kind of people they are. They have amazing servant hearts. We hope you can come.