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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tragedy from California

This past Sunday a plane went down, South of Butte, Montana, killing all fourteen people aboard.  Seven of them where children.  They were flying from Oroville, CA, which happens to be where I have a concert scheduled for this Saturday.  

Please pray for the families who have lost loved ones.  I cannot imagine the condition I would be in if I lost my little boys.  This is real; as real as every tragic story that we get barraged with in the media.  But people are grieving.  Pray also for myself and Sterling and Eric as we travel to California and attempt to bring some healing that can only be found in the Love of God. 

Click Here to read the whole story.  


Mayra said...

I will be praying!

DanGross said...

As I implied in Twitter there is no coincidence here. God sent you there to help with the healing just like He sent Steve Fee to Maryville Ill. There is no greater loss than for a parent to have to bury their child. I can't imagine what Dr. Feldkamp is going through right now, burying two of his children and 5 grandchildrean. God bless the people who were affected by this tragedy and to your ministry as you help with the healing.

Tunafish said...

I heard about that. It's so depressing for the families who've lost loved ones. I can speak from experience. I pray you that guys do well reminding those who are hurt of GOD's love.

Dan said...

Will definitely pray, had no idea this occurred.

I travel all the time for work (25% of the time), so especially lately with all the plane troubles, my mom is concerned when I fly so much, heh.

Becky said...

oh man...this is such a tragedy. thanks for blogging this. I am praying. so much pain, people in need of rescue as the grieve. Lord, surround them with your Love.

Anita Koller said...

Prayer going out from here for the families and that God uses your music to bring about healing.

Belinda said...

I'll be praying for God's Comfort, Strength , Peace & Grace to Reside with all those grieving ... Let's extend a Prayer - Life - Line to the families and friends in Oroville , Heal their broken hearts , and be with them - Father God, Jesus , and The Holy Spirit . Amen !

Belinda said...

And, I'll be praying for Aaron , & The Team as they go ministering To all those hurting folks , giving them renewed hope & faith - in the midst of tremendous sorrow and suffering .

cleanaturalady said...

What a horrible tragedy. I also cannot imagine how I would get through the loss of one of my children. I pray that God's strength will be felt for those who have lost their loved ones and also I pray that His love will be felt through your ministry in music this weekend.

Diana said...

Aaron - Prayed that you would be able to share the love and healing with the people of Oroville.

I enjoyed the vicarious trip to California via Twitter. Especially when you said you wanted to take the wrong flight - I took it you wanted to go home? I have a poem for you about that if I can share it here or send it to you?


Aaron Shust said...

Diana wasn't that I wanted to go home. I had a connecting flight in Nashville, but Pittsburgh is my hometown, which I don't get to visit was simply 'tempting' and really, a joke...(as you can't just choose to walk onto a different plane)

thanks for following the tweets.

Melody...didn't get the letter :(

Aaron Shust said...

The show went so well by the way. thanks for your prayers for that. The spirit in the room was 'ready' and the Spirit was present as He always is when we gather in His name.