Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eddie's Got An Attic

The show last night in Atlanta was quite different than what I'm used to doing.  It was held at Eddie's Attic, a local hot spot that I am ashamed to say I've never been to.  Rock For Justice was the name of the event and the plan was to sell tickets and tables in order to raise money to help stop sex trafficking within the city of Atlanta.  Over $10,000 was raised!  

My longtime friends Ryan Van Kirk and Brian Duffy (my current bass player) have formed a band, written a few great songs and recorded them with Dan Hannon.  They'd just started their set when I walked in the back of the vibey, trendy room, packed with people on a sold out evening, a bar in the middle, tables all around, people standing, sitting, eating, drinking and shushing themselves silent while the lineup of singer songwriters played their 15 minutes each.   In between each set, Garrett Moore, one of the artists and a staple there at Eddie's, MC'd the event and gave the crowd snippets of info on the reason we were there and updates on the amount of money raised in addition to ticket sales. 

I was honored to play last and was given a little flexibility because of that.  So I squeezed 5 songs into about 17 minutes.  It felt like 10.   I played 2 new songs then went backward in time:

Take Over
Ever After (a song a parent would sing to their child about the truth behind fairy tales)
Give Me Words To Speak (with the crowd supplying the Na-Na's so beautifully)
Watch Over Me
My Savior My God

Thanks to Pamela for helping me with my hair and makeup (she showed up after it was sold out, but helped me actually find the place, so I got her and her friend Betsy in, as long as they agreed to do my "hair and makeup"  ...then we decided that I wouldn't use any.)

Check out some of the line up!


Tracy said...

That sounds really neat. The whole idea of human trafficking just blows my mind. I read about it, hear about it, and watch specials about it on TV but it just doesn't seem real or possible. It is so incredibly sad. Glad that you could help raise money for such a good cause.

Shameless plug: We are still fervently praying that you can come to Omaha on June 11th. It seems as though it is all coming together. We are getting really excited! What do you think about serving the homeless with us that day? Maybe flipping the first burger? Ok, enough shameless plug.

Dan said...

It's amazing how very much alive the sex trafficking is in the world today, even more so that it is in the US. Unfortunately, people will always prey on the weak =(

Aaron, I d/l'ed your live songs, awesome stuff! I listen to it now instead of your CD :P

You should do Runaway live though, that's one of my favorites. :)

Aaron Shust said...

it's a little old. but Dan? Runaway Live

Pamela said...

Hey, I'm the makeup and hair girl;)
I love your posts I have read so far. You are such an awesome musician and an even better man. Truely a son of God.
for now,
I hope you enjoy your brownies:)

Sarah said...

Hi Aaron, its Sarah (the one with the Dove Award pic) last night.
Remember "just point and shoot" with my digital camera? LOL
And yes, the pic did come out great, didn't it? ;)

I just wanted to come over and say hi! I love your blog.
Btw, I recorded "Give me words to speak" last night with that little digital camera.

Also "my savior, my god" is a great song.
Keep it up Aaron.

Dan said...

Wow, I'm dumb, it never even crossed my mind to check YouTube, lol.

Thanks for the link Aaron, I appreciate it. I actually remember hearing you would be on gospel channel(doesn't air where I live though), bc it was like the week after I saw you perform with Smitty in NYC on the Stand tour. (actually going to see him and Chapman on Saturday). At least now I can watch it.

Mayra said...

Hmm, I can't think of an amazing comment, but I wanna let you know that I read it...So, here goes:


Tunafish said...

Man, with that kinda cause I would've wanted to go! Too bad I missed it. :(

cleanaturalady said...

I am glad you got to be a part of a concert for such a sad but worthy cause. I hope that the donations will help the organization and that God will bless their efforts.

Hey, thanks for posting that YouTube link, I had never seen that show on GMC, which I watch a lot. Is there any instrument that you don't play? Guitar, piano, tambourine, you play the tuba too? ;)

Meghan said...

It was good to see you that night Mr. Shust.

You played a lovely set, by the by.

I was pleased that I got through my set at all! I had no idea how hard it would be to sing being 9 months pregnant! And my little mancub had the hiccups the whole time.

Zack says to tell you that Dubai is very real, very cool and that you should try to go. He went on a desert safari yesterday and rode sand dune buggies.


I folded laundry. ;-)

Melody Joy Francis said...

Please, oh please, oh please make a trip out to little ol' Northeastern Pennsylvania on your next tour! :0) :0) :0)